Things everyone needs to remind themselves.

I've been stuck in a rut lately. A serious rut, I feel so empty and so lost. Things were manageable until recently, and then everything got too much and I realised I needed to remind myself of a few things and with that I wanted to offer some advice to all you lovely people. 
I guess without realising my blog, well this is my outlet, my space where I can write what I feel and express in whatever way is best. It's not always, when I'll tell you I'm struggling, most of the times these posts don't reach the publish button. But today, today feels different. Forget my blog schedule, forget my routine and forget the people that think this is pushing boundaries, that I shouldn't tell you this...well, tough. I want to remind myself and all you lovely people, that everything will be okay in the end but sometimes we do just need that reminder. 

I'm a sucker for this, I'm so strong until that one word or needing to say that one sentence and the tears come flooding. Toms notices now when I'm crying (I try and hold it back) but suddenly I hold my breath and he's completely aware that tears are falling down my cheeks. But ITS OKAY! Having that time to cry really works for me and sometimes it can be good for other people too. Holding tears back can actually be worse than crying in front of people, trust me I've done both a fair few times! 

Now this, this is my one struggle. I have many friends but none I really feel I can confide in. But we all have at least one person. Thankfully tonight, it was proven to me I have two people in my life. My boyfriend and my life long friend. Both have caught me today in my worst moments and picked me up when I really needed someone. Even knowing someone is there to lean on is the biggest weight off someone's shoulders. 

Not in the don't speak, pretend it isn't happening kind of way. But taking your time to explain or trying to explain. When I need to talk, some times conversations happen in my head first. Which means there's moments of silence between what I need to say. Sometimes it's difficult for the other person to understand but that chance to get your thoughts together really can help you, personally most people in my life need to know this about me. 

Talk to people when your ready to talk, spend time alone if that's what you need. Take your time to reach out to another everything at your own pace. It may sound crazy and the idea of talking should happen as soon as you feel you need to talk but if your not ready, don't push yourself. This may not work for everyone but feeling forced into explaining your problems or feelings can possibly make you feel worse in the long run. I like to take time alone, being with myself can really help me sometimes and usually after that day alone when my thoughts are more together, that's when I turn to someone and that's usually my boyfriend.

I know this may be the biggest rambling mess you've ever read, but it's almost midnight, I'm beginning to sicken for something and I'm extremely tired from my day, but I feel like I want to reach out to someone, even if it is just that once or no one reads this, maybe I can feel as though I've helped. Just remind yourself when ever you're feeling down, unhappy or alone. That these feelings are okay and that everyone feels them too. Just because you feel alone in that moment doesn't mean you have to go through it alone, honestly. And with that, I can also be that person for you if you need it. I may not help but reaching out to someone, I can be that person if anyone needs it! 

Though, I hope you're all well and not feeling the low feeling that I am. 

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What I Got For My 22nd

 photo What I Got For My Birthday.jpg
 photo Camera Bag amp Sabrina.jpg
 photo Mac Eyeshadows.jpg
 photo Vans - Trainers.jpg
 photo Marc Jacobs Daisy.jpg
 photo Disney - Stitch amp Rapunzel.jpg
 photo Waterstone Purchases.jpg
 photo Grace Helbig Signed Book.jpg
 photo HMV DVDS.jpg
 photo Pamper Present.jpg
 photo Forever 21 - Grunge T-Shirts.jpg
 photo Mr Simms Sweets .jpg

What I Got For My 22nd Birthday

This weekend was a slightly different one for me. One, it was my birthday on Monday and with work and other commitments celebrating was a little all over the place. I first celebrated my birthday with a meal of my choice with my parents & nan, I then spent the Saturday night with a few friends (but I'm slightly pretending that night didn't happen), A 7 hours shift a work on Sunday before a late night present opening session with my parents and boyfriend...before my early start on Monday morning for me and Tom (boyfriend) to travel into Liverpool to spend my birthday a little differently to usual. So with the little backstory to my weekend, I'm sure you're all just wanting to hear about everything you've just seen in my photos.

Firstly I apologise for how photo heavy this post is and to clarify I am in no way bragging, I enjoy reading these posts and I asked on Twitter whether this would be something others would want to read. The collection of gifts came from my parents, boyfriend and my little brother...other few bits and pieces were purchased by myself on my birthday too, so I've added those in too. A few days before my birthday my parents took me shopping & brought me the PRO PALETTE REFILLS from MAC and some T-shirts (which I forgot to include in this post), honestly I wasn't expecting much else after knowing how much they'd spent in MAC. But I'd also been treated to a CAMERA BAG, which was just what I wanted, so thanks to Papa Smurph for that! They also surprised me with a new pair of VANS TRAINERS, which are exactly what I needed and turns out my boyfriend also brought me the HI-TOP pair too. My brother also surprised me with the SABRINA BOX SET, I grew up obsessed with this tv series and spotted it online a few weeks ago and made some big hints how I'd love it, so thanks Sean! Two of my oldest friends brought me some great presents too, one friend brought me a selection of pamper and makeup items, which is just perfect and the other got me a ticket to Disney On Ice next week, and I'm very excited for that!
With that being said, almost everything in this post was then brought on my birthday. I wanted to do something a little different for my birthday this year, so we booked tickets and headed to Liverpool for a day of shopping and to visit the Central Perk (f.r.i.e.n.d.s) Cafe...but I'll be doing a separate post on that later this week! I wanted some new clothes & picked up two lovely over-sized t-shirts. After a few hours of searching and being unsuccessful clothes wise, I then choose to visit the Disney Store and picked up the softest Stitch teddy and a new mug to keep at Tom's house for all the cuppa's I drink there. He also got me my favourite perfume, I normally like finding a new scent to try but my nose kept going back to DAISY and I'm so happy that's what I picked! He also knows how much I love Keri Smith books and picked up her new one of that THE IMAGINARY WORLD OF. I also got the MAC CINDERELLA Eyeshadow Palette, I woke up on the morning of the release helped him purchase the shadow and wasn't allowed to see it again until Monday, ow!
Finally, Monday for me was my birthday and my payday, so I used this excuse to purchase a few things for myself. I started with a few sweeties, I found these ENCHANTED MIX Jelly Belly Beans, which I can't wait to start eating and I also picked up a Mr Simms Cocoa Cola Chocolate bar...which I'm really interested to see how it tastes! I also got myself some new DVD's LOVE ROSIE, ABOUT TIME & WHITE BIRD IN A BLIZZARD. Just before we headed home I thought we'd just pop into Waterstones and without realising I came out with GRACE'S GUIDE & THE GLAM GUIDE...but I'm not complaining as I got a signed copy of Grace's Guide, which is amazing!!

Well this certainly feels like the longest post I've written for a while and if you've read until the end, thank you! I was well and truly spoilt by everybody yesterday and was sent so many lovely birthday wishes...if you were one of them, thank you!! I'm aiming to write more posts about each gift in the near future, but I'd love to hear what you'd like to read more about, so I can write the more 'demanded' posts first.

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Coco Chanel, the perfect birthday treat.

 photo Coco Chanel Perfume.jpg
 photo Coco Chanel.jpg

Coco Mademoiselle Chanel Perfume. 

I'm terrible when it comes to blog reviews. I need a serious kick up the bum for it but never before has it taken me a year. I received this for my birthday as my special perfume from my boyfriend for my 21st, the boy loves his scents, perfume, after shaves etc so he went all out with this and it was totally unexpected! That being said I've been saving it myself for any special occasions as I didn't want it to run out straight away, which is pretty good being as I still have almost three-quarters of the bottle 12 months later. 
As a girl who's favourite scents is fruity and sweet smells, this is a big change. But it's perfect for a girl just turning 21 who's ready to venture onto the more mature scents...and not in the way that I smell like my nan, but there is something about this scent that is just beautiful! I know absolutely nothing when it comes to perfume smells, I can tell if something is fruity or my favourite smell (like coconut, I love perfumes like that). So this review is a little lacking in that department, so excuse that. But ever get the chance to get a sniff of this perfume and be sure you'll fall in love just as much as I have. Today marks the year since I opened this present (which means yes, today is my birthday, ekk) and to mark the day, I'm spending the day with my boyfriend on a much needed shopping/spending spree (for the both of us) and I shall be wearing this...Mainly as I know this means the scent will last all day long, unlike some scent which disappear after the first sprits. 

I guess this wasn't really classed as a review and more 'this is a gorgeous perfume, go check it out' and that's possibly the reason I haven't actually written the post until now. It all still applies I'm totally in love with this scent but will continue to save this for all special occasions and hope that this last as part of my collection for a long time coming. 

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|| Mini Beauty Haul ||

 photo Beauty Haul.jpg
 photo Mac Lipsticks amp Colour Drama Pencils.jpg
 photo No Clogs Allowed.jpg

Mini Beauty Haul 

Last week was a little spendy week on my part, I should really slap my hand for it but I'm also so happy with my little purchases that I'll suck it up and accept the loss of money, oops! The last few months I've been talking almost 24/7 to some beautiful girls from the blogging world, and last week I got the pleasure to finally see them once again; FRANKIE, HANNAH & EMMA...(We missed you so much SIAN & CHARLI). 
After a short trip to lunch, we practically ran to the MAC store. Our arms were filled with swatches, and I'd made a list of eyeshadows I wanted (with Eff's help) as my parents are buying me the PRO PALETTE REFILL as my birthday present. But I couldn't leave empty handed and was my own enabler and brought TWO new lipsticks. FAST PLAY and CRAVING, I feel as though the shades are similar in colour and I probably shouldn't of purchased them both but I was too in love I couldn't resist...though it hasn't stopped me wearing them both almost constantly since the purchase. We all picked up a few pieces in Primark, but this is a beauty haul not a fashion one...also the pieces I got aren't too interesting anyway. The rest of my purchases happened in both Boots & Superdrug, just some how we popped to two of each shop. I first picked up THREE of the Colour Drama lip pencils. Mainly as I'd been craving after the two for so long & they had a 3 for 2 offer. I knew if I didn't get them then I wouldn't find all the colours again. So KEEP IT CLASSY, MINIMALIST & NUDE PERFECTION have made it into my collection and with the MAC lipsticks too, I've been alternating the use of all these since my purchase. It's been popular in the blogging world for some time and I knew that Charli has used this product before and by her blog post, she loved it. So I picked up the Soap & Glory NO CLOGS ALLOWED. I'm yet to use this but I'm waiting for the right pamper day and to have some time to finally get to use it. And my final purchase of the day of the Makeup Revolution CONCEALER PALETTE. I'd been eyeing this up for a while & found it hidden in the Makeup Rev section in superdrug and quickly grabbed it. I've been using this non-stop since getting it home and I'm actually in love with this product. 

So that's all the beauty goodies I've treated myself too recently, in a few days I'll be having another little haul as it's my birthday and I'm going on a little spending spree tomorrow, ekk! Also everything mentioned will have it's own full review on my blog some time soon in the next few weeks, so look out for those. 

Hope you all have a lovely Sunday, I'm off to work now! 

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|| 22nd Birthday Wish-List ||

 photo Birthday .png

22nd Birthday Wish-List 

It only feels like 5 minutes ago I preparing for my 21st birthday, it took me a while to realise my birthday is this Monday, and I'm totally unprepared! Usually I'm the kind of girl who's obsessed with celebrating my birthday, plans are normally made months before...this year is certainly the opposite. With that being said, that also means I don't have so much of a wish-list this year, of course I could spend all my money in a heartbeat but deciding on things for others to purchase for me as somehow proven difficult this year round. So this years wish-list is more of what I'd love to have but is way too over priced (and now sold out completely) and the others are possibly going to be purchased by myself on my birthday, as I'm asking for some dollar and I'm going on a little spending trip!
First off, how adorable are these shoes!? The most amazing shoes I've ever seen but way too out of my own or anyone I knows budget at $200, but one day they will be mine. The MAC palette was so kindly brought for me just a few days ago as my birthday present from my parents, though I'm yet to get into them. And everything else is just little bits and pieces which will either spend the next few months on my on going wish-list or I'll be making a cheeky purchase (or three) on my birthday...because lucky me it's also payday, ekk!

What's on your ultimate or even birthday wish-lists? I always love to know what everyone else has been wanting to buy!!

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Day-To-Day Simple Makeup.

 photo Simple Makeup Products.jpg
 photo Eyes CloseUp.jpg
 photo Eyes amp Lips.jpg
 photo Full Face.jpg

Day to day simple makeup 

|| models own duo shadows || miss manga mascara || 

I've come at your with beauty reviews galore lately and no makeup looks. I love sharing how I create my makeup looks on my blog, as of lately I've been extremely lucky with expanding how I achieve my makeup and with that has been many many compliments. So I adore that I have the chance to share them with you. This may not be something mentioned all the time on my blog, but I'm currently working two jobs and that being includes day time shifts and the other nights. Where the first job (night shifts) is at a night club, I can use the evening to experiment with more heavy looks, fuller and thicker eyeshadow looks are normally created but now I sometimes I have little hours sleep and back out for my second day (day shifts). So with this I need more sleep than I do time to get ready, I'm not sure why I don't just go makeup free, but instead I concentrate on a very minimal look. So keeping too a minimal look, I keep my foundation and concealer coverage quite normal. I just don't do much in the attempt to contour or add extra colour to my face. Something I've been loving lately has been my eyebrows, knowing I have quite thick brows anyway I just like to add a touch more. I then use my duo eyeshadow with the darker shade to create shading in my crease for that extra definition, no liner and only one application of mascara. And to finish it all off, my new colour drama lip pencil, which I'm obsessed with!
I can't wait to start sharing more looks and challenge myself that little bit more, so keep an eye out as I have a few coming your way in the next coming weeks...but until then any suggestions will be greatly accepted!

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