Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Seventeen: Matte Miracle Foundation

 photo Seventeen Miracle Matte Foundation.jpg
 photo Seventeen Miracle Matte Foundation - Before.jpg
 photo Seventeen Miracle Matte Foundation - After.jpg
 photo Seventeen Miracle Matte Foundation - Natural.jpg

Seventeen: Matte Miracle Foundation review. 

I always love a new makeup product and testing out new makeup brands. Now I'm not sure whether this is new to everyone else but new to me. I've always stuck to foundation from the likes of Maybelline, but this time I needed something of good value and fairly price and for £5.99 I thought I'd try seventeen. 
Now, my review is slightly mixed...I've not come to a definite conclusion as to whether I like this foundation or not? 
Firstly, I'll point out the PRO's...I'll admit I'm convinced that the match of the foundation to my skin tone is correct, the shade being natural, does seems very much natural to me. A medium coverage makes me feel comfortable that this foundation covers all my spots and blemishes. Oh, and so far lasts far longer than any foundation I've used in forever. I break one of the cardinal rules of touching my face throughout the day and even with me doing that, their still seems to be foundation on my face afterwards. 
But the CON's it create a weird formation after applying...going dark and patchy in areas (expecially any creases, like my smile lines) which means I either have to re-apply more or stand for agessssss buffing into my skin, nothing something I really want to do when I purchased this as my quick go-to foundation. And the shine control, I haven't seen much differences from that, but maybe that is because of my constant face touching, oops! 

I let this post sit for a few days while I continued to use this foundation, looking for more reasons in this post and a better understand of my pros and cons and whether I actually like this product or not. I've only owned this for 2 weeks now and even with it's few problems I'll fall in love with this by the time the bottle finishes...or I won't manage to finish it and I'll have purchased a new one in a few weeks time.
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Monday, 26 January 2015

BH Cosmetics Palettes; Obsessed With Colours.

 photo BHCosmetics-Palettes.jpg
 photo BHCosmetics-88TropicalShimmerPalette.jpg
 photo BHCosmetics-60ColourDayampNightPalette.jpg
 photo BHCosmeticsSwatches.jpg

BH Cosmetics - Day & Night // Tropical Shimmer Palette. 

88 Tropical Shimmer Palette - £20 
60 Day & Night Palette - £15

I've been so excited to blog about these palettes so I'm not too sure why I haven't done it sooner!? 
I picked these up in December while I was spending outrageous amounts of money at the Clothes Show, I picked up the two for £15 together, I was told by my friend and the woman at the stall that these are an American brand and used by lots of American youtubers, and being a sucker for both, I thought it was best to give it a go! Although I haven't been using these daily since my purchase, I'll grab these on the more experimental day, mainly because I'm spoilt for choice with colours. 

For the price I paid, I was expecting something a little better...not that I don't love these, but the Day & Night palette, was the one I was most excited for and the one I'm most let down by. For such beautiful colours, I struggle to get the colour onto my skin or even to pick up the colour on my brush...practically no pigmentation in these colours, so forget the bright and obvious colouring from these. Yet the tropical shimmer is the total opposite, as you can see from the swatches (all from tropical shimmer palette) theres so much colour, shimmer & sparkle and enough pigmentation which means you can clearly see these colours and with enough options this now means within one palette I can create calm looks, smokey eyes, bright eyes and so many other options, oh I'm so excited! 
I'm obsessed with palettes and I love the colours available...though I'm a little disappointed with the Day & Night colour pigmentation, I'm still happy I've got these two in my collection, hopefully in the future I can use all these colours a lot more. 

Anyone else own BH Cosmetics products or hoping to purchase any soon? 
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Friday, 23 January 2015

Makeup Revolution; Eye's Only.

 photo Makeup Rev - Products.jpg
 photo Makeup Rev Eyes - Face.jpg
 photo Makeup Rev eyes - Close up.jpg
 photo Makeup Rev eyes - closed.jpg

Makeup Revolution: Eye's Only. 

It's no secret that myself or anyone in the beauty world are obsessed with Makeup Revolution, finding it's way into our lives last year and still going strong now. As a girl who can't afford high end and high street is always at my budget, makeup revolution has become my lifesaver. Specially when it comes to needing new products or finding the perfect dupe. And actually most of my products are for my eyes, I'm obsessed with their palettes and can't stop picking them up. 

I begin with the fix and focus primer, something I question whether works or not, but I love the colouring of the product and it really does brighten up my eyes, so I'll continue using this whether this helps my eyeshadow stay longer or not. The first item I purchase (along with a huge amount of lipsticks) was the Iconic 3 palette, pretty much famously known for being the perfect Naked 3 palette, I couldn't resist for the £4 price tag. In the summer I obsessed over using the pinks & more neutral tones of the palette...however, during winter, darks and browns have been my go to, and having this selection in the palette has been great! Using the lighter pink shades in the inner corners of my eyes, and using a selection of the browns for the base then using the darker tones in my crease for that definition. Right now I love created a bigger look with the shadows, meaning I work the colour higher up my crease than I ever used too, and I'm so glad I just LOVE it! I then use the dual liner, using the kohl end to line the lower line of my eyes, the corner and inside the upper liner of my eyes, just for that added definition (..this is definitely my go-to makeup move). 

It doesn't take many products create such an easy look, which means it takes no time at all to use this products so I use these pretty much daily. I personally love the dual liner, as I'll switch to the liquid liner the days I just want a simple look and don't need to both with shadows. 
I can't wait for my spending ban to end and potentially pick up for new products in the next few months, buying makeup has become a serious obsession. 
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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Real Techniques Nic's Picks; brushes review.

 photo IMG_6227.jpg
 photo IMG_6228.jpg
 photo IMG_6229.jpg

Real Techniques Nic's Picks; brushes review. 

Nic's Picks set - £29.99 

I've been waiting for these brushes for so long, I've actually had these now since Christmas day thanks to my boyfriend...but er I made him order these for me back in October. So getting my hands on these have been a long time coming. This time last year I owned only a few brushes and during 2014 my collection has started to grow. I knew these we're coming into stores as limited edition (which I don't think they are anymore?) and asked Tom (boyfriend) if these could be a christmas present, so I didn't feel guilty for making a £30 purchase on myself, thankfully he said yes and hid them away from me for 2 months and every girl knows that torture. 
The set comes with two face brushes and three eye brushes. Since taking them out of the box I've taken every makeup chance possible to use each one, so far so good...but it's safe to say the eye brushes and amongst my favourites I now own. 

duo-fiber face brush
Being completely truthful now, I don't really know if I'm using this one correctly. Yep, you read that correctly haha, terrible I know. I use one of my older (core kit) real technique to apply my makeup but I've been using this to even out my makeup, foundation in particularly. At the moment I'm getting used to new foundations and using this has helped me feel comfortable that everything's even. 

cheek brush
For the last few months...again another core kit brush, I've been using my contour brush for cheek application, for precision this is great but I adore this brush. The brush is much thicker than the contour brush which is perfect for an even and fuller look, which I perfer when blending out any blush, bronzer or highlighter...I like these being a little more subtle and not noticed and this cheek brush helps me achieve it! 

base shadow brush
I'm in love with this brush. As I mentioned I've been collecting more brushes these last few months and many have been for my eyes, especially since I've been obsessing over my shadows lately. Most of these have been smaller brushes and this one is a rather thick and full brush, which means I can get more across my lid which means it's perfect for that solid base colour. 

angled shadow brush
With the base brush, this has become a huge favourite of mine. With the base brush, the angled brush is perfect for my shadow application. So I own a few angled brushes which are much thinner and I own a few blending brushes...but this has become both. A much thicker brush means I can get alot more product into my crease, creating a deeper and darker effect and able to blend it out just so easily. 

eyeliner brush
I do want to use this for my liner soon, I want to buy the little gel pots and use it for that reason. But so far I've been using this for a more precise and thinner application of a chosen colour. The brush is small and strong as a brush so the bristles of the brush don't move too much when applying a precise line of a colour, oh it's so good.

I'm obsessing over these brushes (if you haven't already noticed), they're the first brushes I reach for when applying my make-up, especially the eyeshadow brushes...some of my collection have been neglected since December 25th. I do feel terrible about that but once I find a way to use all my brushes at once, I'll make sure I manage to do just that!
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Monday, 19 January 2015


 photo large.jpg

I'm going on a...spending ban!?

I had a brush review planned for today, but after a decision to check my bank statement just a few moments ago, I've changed my mind and setting myself a little challenge that I want to share with you all...I'm going on a spending ban. Yep. I know many people started these at the beginning of the year and I thought I'd try myself, but because nothing was set in stone and I didn't really try hard enough, well I've already spend way too much money this year. 
Each year, like everyone else, I'll set myself some challenges...yes, just like new years resolutions and this is always one of them, to stop spending. I forget I'm not longer living off Student Loans and can't be as free with my money as I used to. So as of this morning, any money I have in my purse, is about to go back into my bank account, setting myself some rules and going to hide my card somewhere...or hand it to my boyfriend as he'll happily stop me from spending. 

The Challenges.
By challenges I mean, the challenges I'm probably going to face, the clothes, the makeup, the days and nights out, simple things like that. 
As of today, no clothes or makeup products are a must, the only essentials I really need are the exceptions of new underwear. Serious business this, I can't convince myself I need a new jacket 'because it's cold' or that I need any item of clothes 'because my wardrobe sucks'...I'll have to go cold and just wear the junk I already own. Clothes have always been my biggest struggle, I'm constantly on the want for some new clothes but own so many already...I'm just either not comfortable in what I own or convince myself it's now ugly and I don't want to be seen in it. After the collection I've built up the last few months, I definitely don't need any new makeup in the coming months. I have a few bottles of foundation, enough eyeliners, mascaras and eyeshadow palettes to last me a lifetime, I'm sure. After purchasing a new foundation just a few days ago I know I won't be running out soon and everything else is my collection is getting the thumbs up from me at the moment so I won't be on the hunt for new products soon.
The biggest torment before the clothes and make-up is plans with friends. Days out and nights out, already this year I've agreed to two blogger meet ups and arranging a day out with some blogger friends in the near future. Being on a spending ban during these times may be the most difficult part of this, maybe I save towards these or maybe makes these my rewards. Other potential difficulties will be shopping trips with friends and even nights out to town, which I haven't been able to go for a while anyway, but with friends birthdays coming up...this again may prove difficult. Already from my thoughts of this post I can live without new clothes and makeup, but the having a social life (specially since I work weekend & don't always see friends) this may be very difficult to achieve. 

The Rewards. 
I'm going to start this spending ban with an idea of how much I want to save over the coming months and once this has been achieved be willing to treat myself to one item on my list. 
Since christmas many of my wish-list items were given to me as gifts and right now I'm not necessarily desperate for any purchases and in just around 2 months time it's my 22nd birthday, so realistically I can start listing the things I'd like and ask for them as birthday gifts...which I've already started suggesting. 
Honestly, the two things I want right now are a new pair of trainers and a new sewing machine. Though my current trainers have holes in them, it's not really the trainer wearing weather and I'm practically living in my Doc Marten boots everyday anyway, so I can cross that idea off my list and consider those in the next few months, along side that I've also been wanting a new sewing machine for some time now, the one I own is a very basic beginners machines and realistically I don't use it enough to justify buying a new one anyway...maybe I shall use these next few months as my practice period and one I begin to create more things, then I can look into a new machine. Considering those are my rewards in the next few months I'm already convince I won't need to buy these any time soon and that just makes this a whole lot easier. 

The Rules.

  • Don't buy for the sake of it.
  • Only buy any essentials e.g: health or hygiene products
  • Signing up to the gym, classes and fitness payment are allowed
  • A certain amount of money must be saved before I spend anything
  • Write down anything I want over the next few weeks/months and buy one a few when the spending ban is over
  • I work in a bar, so any tips made at work will be saved and put into my bank each time I save up £100...this may take some time but a good saving excuse. 
Not too many rule, except I just can't spend, simple really right?...I may write posts on this to keep everyone updated, but I'll continue to write posts on items I already own, I'm going to attempt outfit posts to trial different way of falling in love with my wardrobe. 
I hope you didn't mind my rambling post on a Monday afternoon, I guess I just needed to write this to help myself and remind myself I've shared with the a few people and now I can't back down. If you are currently doing a spending ban too, I'd love to know how you're doing...and even if you've written a post about it I'd love to read? 

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Sunday, 18 January 2015

#100HappyDays - Days 91-100

 photo ScreenShot2015-01-18at144653.png

#100HappyDays - Day 91-100

I finally finished my 100 Happy Days, it's taken me months and well over the 100 days it should've...but when I set out I knew it would take me a while, I didn't want to upload everyday when I knew I wouldn't have a happy reason every day, I wanted to use this challenge to show everyone my happy things and that's exactly what I managed to do. 
So my final week began just before christmas, so typical me I'm not letting go of the most wonderful time of the year, haha. Before christmas my friend came home for a few days and clearly this means myself, her and another friend have our regular trip to whetherspoons and in typical British fashion, and ordered two pitchers each (and no glasses)...then on the same evening the two of us decided to take a little trip into town and dance like crazy people...and right in front of almost everyone I work with, yes we went to the nightclub I work out, oops! Then obviously a little christmas day/christmas jumper selfie and one of my christmas presents, which I was so excited over and I'm still slightly obsessed with!? Using my polaroid present, I took it with me to my nan's boxing day party and collected all of the 'kids' of the family and of course had to get a group photo for my polaroid collection, I'm so happy with how this turned out! 
Over the last few weeks between christmas, new year and working crazy night shifts, I've spent a lot of time in my bed watching lots and lots of Netflix, this meant I've finished Gossip Girl, a season of Ru Pauls Drag Race and started Ugly Betty..and it's official I'm obsessed with Netflix, oh and I've started White Collar, so I'm slightly tempted to start a little series on my blog about my Netflix obsession, if anyones interested? I've also spent a lot of time using all my christmas Lush range, lots of showers with my Snow Fairy or So White shower gel, oh so good!? 
Last saturday myself and a friend took a trip from Birmingham to Colchester to see our friend from university and of course to watch Cinderella in the panto, which was so much fun but rushing back home for work was not! And to complete my 100 days, I spent the morning with my dad doing a little shopping, but of course before we had to have a Costa before we could carry on with our day. 

I've had such fun being able to record my happy days and sharing these moments on my blog also, it's safe to say these 100 days are all my reasons to be happy and if you want to look at all of my 100 days you can on my instagram, here. Or you can find all my posts, here
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