Monday, 22 September 2014

The Evolution of my Makeup.

Is it weird to admit I was staring at myself in the mirror?...well, I was and I was slightly inspired with this post, a look back on the evolution of my makeup. 
As I mentioned this inspiration came from staring at myself in the mirror, I must admit I do this a lot but this time I was impressed with how well I'd applied my makeup (little around of applause to me). And although most of my blog is beauty dedicated I actually don't consider myself a beauty blogger, or even worthy of knowing anything when it comes to beauty. I believe I can apply my own make up and that's it...ever need advice, best not turn to me. So here's a little look back at photos of me through the years, some very embarrassing but I'd risk it and share them anyway. 
2007- Im actually not too sure whether this was actually from 2007 but it was definitely while I was in high school, but these were the years were I bared all. I was rather well known in school for the girl who could pull off the no makeup, friends and other girls around school would always comment about my good skin and the fact I could get away with no makeup. This potentially was the most comforting thing while I was at school, as a very insecure and shy girl, this always left me with a smile on my face. 
2008 - although the girls complimented me in school I still felt rather left out, when it came to the makeup department. So as a naive school girl, I went shopping and looking back definitely picked up the wrong products. Wearing the wrong colour foundation or just pressed powder...i can't really remember but equally embarrassed to admit, and a big thick line of pencil liner of my lower lash line with a hint of mascara which I probably applied terribly. I mean, urgh look at that liner, how thick!? 
2009- Oh I remember this day well, and my obsession with this makeup look. This was my final day of high school, very excited to be leaving school and starting fresh at a brand new college. But this was my year of blue eye liner, I'm actually not too sure how this became into my possession, but for months this was how I looked. Looking back, I do quiet like how my makeup looks here, blue liner on my upper lash line, black on my lower and a touch of mascara...There's a good chance here that I'm not wearing much else on my face, though I can't quiet remember. 
2010 - looking at this photo, I'm actually missing how my hair looks. Look how full and long it looks, ah but so simple. But as you can tell my makeup died down a little, I'm not too sure what made me do this, it was probably down to being lazy...which admit happens from time to time, especially with makeup. But this simple look, is just black pencil liner on the lower and inner upper lash line, which I used almost daily even now as it adds much more definition to my face, well my eyes. I really do like this makeup look though it's rare I reacted this look anymore. 
2011- Another simple look, only this time I upgrading from pencil liner to using pen. It's not until seeing this photo I realised how I've only been wearing liquid for a few years, this must of been a good makeup day and I still to this day struggle with the perfect winged liner. I've gradually began wearing more foundation on my face, though this was definitely the only product, as I was yet to learn about highlighter, blush and bronzer. This makeup look is actually something I realised I wore almost permanently until recently. 
2014- And then theres now! You'd think with all the photos I take for my blog and how I love a good selfie…I didn't have a decent one for this post, so just before heading out a few days ago I took this quick snap. Safe to say it's completely transformed? I now like to add eyeshadow (I'm lovely smokey eyes right now) and a little winged liner of course. Throughout the years my mascara has been my favourite makeup product and to this day it's still like an obsession!? I'm also obsessing over lipsticks as of late, and as we're getting out of summer it's time to welcome my dark collection back, goodbye peachy and pink and hello deep reds and plums. 

I'm actually getting I don't have a picture of other makeup phases, I remember vividly the months in which my 'smokey eye' was a think line of grey pencil on my upper lid, a look I absolutely adored. This was possibly between 2010-2011, as I'm sure it's something I stopped wearing once I lost my trusty pencil. 
But there's my progression and the life lessons I've learnt along the way when it comes to application and products. It's a great feeling to look back at these, remember those makeup moments, my life at the time, have a little giggle and realise how much I've changed and grown as a person. It's also odd to believe that some of these photos are 7 years old. 
I honestly think I'd still be in my liquid liner phase if it wasn't for blogging, talking to so many girls who have so much interest in makeup has helped and meant a growth in my makeup collection but some serious damage to my bank balance.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Review; Benefit They're Real; [mascara & liner]

You may or may not of heard me mention on twitter that recently I gained a part time job. Something that won't last my lifetime but will keep me going, and with this part time job I've brought myself a few 'well done' treats, to me from me! 
Within the same week I finally signed up to Cohorted, [an online social shopping website]…these purchases were a week between each other but I wanted to write about them together. So if you haven't yet heard of Cohorted, I'd go have a nose right now!…Basically, every monday cohorted pop up 4 items which have been highly requested by us buyers, with a limit amount to be purchase if you want one of the items you click 'join cohort' and the more who join the lower the cost goes! Though when the items are popular do seem to be sold out by tuesday, also the price only goes to the max discount price that's set. When I first joined I was extremely confused as to how it worked but even after just two purchases I feel like an expert, so so simple (I promise). 
I've been wishing for Benefit make-up for a while now, so when I spotted this and knew I could finally afford it, well I jumped at the chance and got myself a little present. With the they're real liner, I'm still getting to grips with it but the accuflex tip is meant to help to create an easier application…but to be perfectly honest I'm finding it a little difficult, I need a stronger tip to help application of liner. As I'm still getting used to this liner I haven't yet mastered the perfect winged effect, but with each time it's getting closer and closer and that's good enough for me. Something that worried me about purchasing this was the mention of how difficult this liner is to remove and I can't afford they're remover for £14…but honestly I've been using micellar water to remove my makeup and though I may have to rub a little longer than normal, I find it simple to remove. No scrubbing or sore eyes afterwards like I heard. And I'm sure the more I use, the more I'll fall in love…you may see it on my blog a lot in the near future.
When the mascara was put online, I knew I couldn't resist. My favourite part of my makeup is my eyes, and for me mascara is a big part of my completed look. It's possibly the one product I buy the most of, just because I love the volume and length mascara adds to my lashes. So I purchased this pretty much straight away. I've been longing for this mascara for a few years now, never having the perfect time to spend almost £20 on one product, but with the price almost in half well again I couldn't resist. The tip is rounded off, so that it's easier to apply onto the corner lashes, something I find handy as mascara can be a little messy for me sometimes when trying to reach those areas. Before this arrived I actually panicked that I'd be let down by my own expectations and that the product wouldn't be as amazing as I'd hoped, but once I'd applied it I knew that I was crazy having that doubt. 
The mascara leaves my lashes looking 2x long and so much fuller, I think it's safe to say I'm in love and this will be my go to product for a long time.
I've worn both of these products a few times now, gradually getting used to the liner like I knew I would. And the little flick in this photo, well I must say I'm very proud…for a girl who's hit and miss at applying a winged effect I think I did pretty well, I could definitely do with more practice but overall I can't wait to use this much more in the future. You can also see the effect of the mascara and how full and long it's made my lashes appear (and I'm sure this is from only one application). 
The mascara I've definietly fallen in love with and the liner isn't far behind, I know I'll be making sure these become part of my makeup bag and are used all the time. 
Another thing I wanted to mention as part of this post was about my experience with Cohorted, I always worry when using a site for the first time. But knowing lots of other girls who use this I wasn't so nervous this time round, however for some reason in the time my first purchase should've been dispatched it wasn't and I actually received my second purchase first. So I popped onto twitter and asked Cohorted what was wrong? They quickly fixed my problem and sent off my purchase on that same day, they also added 200 points to my account with them. It's great to find a company who's so quick and easy to get in touch with and get your problems sorted straight away, so thanks for that Cohorted!? 
I've been eyeing up the site since my sign up and already saving for the next products that I've had on my wish-list for a while, actually hoping a red mac lipstick will be going up soon *hint hint*. 
Are you signed up to Cohorted? And which products are you hoping for next? 
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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Review; Nanshy Blending Brush.

Not too long ago I spotted Nanshy on Twitter, and I've been drooling over their products ever since. Now at first I was just in love with their brushes by look, I mean how beautiful is this brush and I know us girls go for not only the best products but also the prettiest too…now don't lie, you know it's true! The brushes are made from cruelty free, vegan, synthetic hair. Something I know is important to lots of us bloggers is the use of the best and natural brushes. 
I was then offered to review one of their brushes in time for their release of their Masterful Collection, and the brush is just as pretty on the photo as in real life and just like it's stated online, so so soft. I recieved the Blending brush from the collection, smaller in size to other I own means I can pop this in my makeup bag and take with me whenever I'm away from home, also the brush itself the hairs are longer than I expected but I think with them being longer helps for a more gentle touch between brush and shadow, making the blending easier and smoother.

If you've been reading my blog for the last few weeks you'll have read about my recent love for eyeshadows and testing out new colours and combinations. Up until recently I played it safe when it came to my makeup, either not applying eyeshadow or sticking to one colour. Since my latest love for eyeshadows I've been on the hunt from more eyeshadow brushes, because the spongey ones free in palettes just aren't good enough. By this point I'd picked up a few brushes, both being flat or angled brushes, which I love (and used to apply my makeup for this post) but now including the blending brush to my collection means my completed makeup will look much softer. 
I used my makeup revolution iconic 3 palette to create this look, using shimmer colours a two softer pink tones to a rose gold and a soft brown, this being my everyday/basic makeup. I did this so I know it's perfect for everyday use, and I've also used this before a friends birthday party to create a smokey eye which is feature in this post, here. I think this brush works so well, especially for someone like me who's still getting to know the best makeup products and brushes as my eyeshadow before this brush definietly had less structure and the colours weren't so blended together. I think the blending brush also helps to create much more subtle toned looks.
I'm in love with this brush already, I'm already thinking up so many ideas as to trying out more eyeshadow looks and I can't wait to get my hands on their masterful collection, which includes 12 different brushes (available in either black or white design) and as I've mentioned wanting new brushes, I mean all the brushes I've been searching for new brushes in general and I'm keeping an eye out and saving my pennies for the masterful collection. At the moment there's no official launch date online for this collection to being released but at the bottom of the this page, here, all you'll need to do if leave your email address to be told all about the release. 
Are you just as in love with this brush as me? Do you own any of their brushes and reccommend any for me, I'd love to know as I'm currently searching their website for which I want to order now, oops! 
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Sunday, 14 September 2014

#OOTN; Party edtn.

swing dress - primark
heels - new look 
base - maybelline dream satin liquid foundation & baby skin primer. 
highlight - make up revolution 'peach lights'. 
blush - makeup revolution 'love'. 
brows - rimmel's brow this way. 
eyeshadow - makeup revolution iconic 3 & hot smoked palettes.
eyeliners - eyeko liquid liner & smashbox pencil. 
mascara - benefit they're real. 
lips - makeup revolution 'reckless' 

Happy Sunday everyone! Quick little post to share what I wore last night, after Jess from Coffee & Cosmetics suggested I share my look on my blog. I love birthday parties and nights out and I hadn't been out for a while, so last night was something I'd been excited for for weeks (though I'm a little fragile today). I don't tend to share my outfits too often but today I thought why not. I bought this dress back in march for my 21st birthday and left it until last minute to choose one yesterday, as I'd only worn this once I thought it was now time to dig it out my wardrobe.
A very simple outfit, I also had no accessories to match which was the one thing I disliked about this outfit, but I got to wear my  blue heels, cripple my feet but are gorgeous and make me a regular height.
I also wanted to share with you my makeup, because I won't lie, I was rather impressed with myself! I've been very vocal about my love for smokey eye and how I've been improving lately, so I was rather happy with the outcome. As it was early evening the lighting was a little naff but I tried to get the best photos with what I had to work with. My smokey eye look, I combined colours from both my iconic 3 and hot smoked, using mainly greys, with a light shimmer colour in the inner corner of my eye and a hint of blue in the outer corner and crease, to match my shoes! I wasn't sure which lip colour would suit best but I haven't worn a red lip for a while so I just went ahead and wore it anyway...even now I'm still wondering if it was the best combination but it's happened now.

As nights out went, I've forgotten what happened, cringe at the photos and I'm feeling worse for wears today. But non the less, a great night spent with some great friends.
I hope you liked this post & if you'd like to see more in the future I'd love to know.
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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Wednesday Wishlist #6; Disney Store.

 // princess pin // carousel collectable // mickey mouse letter S mug // traditions rapunzel figurine // 
// squirt bean toy // bambi bean toy // minnie & mickey photoframe // minnie & mickey figurine //

Are most of you a lot like me and hate the thought of officially growing up? With myself I kind of use my love of disney as the reason to why I'll never fully mature, and I'm sure that's the same with most people. I went into the store with a friend last week and I've restrained for a while as nothing has really been new, but I came across a few new items & even brought a Frozen Elsa & Anna pen (...which I'll be using for my shops needs), so I thought I'd pop on the website and have a full browse for this weeks wish-list. After finding more of the figurines, I think I'm going to start a little collection with minnie & mickey and Rapunzel next on my list. I also love looking at the Paris collections as it makes me convince myself everytime that I'm preparing myself for a trip to Paris and I'm eyeing up the things I need to buy while I'm there, it's a sad realisation when I remember that I'm not actually going to disneyland…but look how cute the carousel figurine is and the photo frame, I really want it! Also around summer last year I came across Pin trading and this collecting that happens throughout Disney parks, obviously as I'm not going any time soon I purchase a lanyard and some pins last year for absolutely no reason & this disney princess one looks amazing. As a 21 year old I possibly shouldn't admit that my bed is being taken over teddy bears or that half of them are Disney ones, but it's true and even now I still look for more. As we were shopping my friend picked up a new teddy & ever since I've wanted one too! So I've been eyeing up this adorable Bambi and I've been wanting this tiny little squirt for a while now…kind of like a substitute for the turtle I don't have.

What items are you loving from the Disney Store at the moment?
Where else do you find the best disney items from?
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Saturday, 6 September 2014

A Day Trip To Cornwall

This post is a little over-due in my eye as we actually took this trip almost a month ago now, but with my mind going a little off track when it comes to my blog, I thought I'd share our day out and some of my favourite photos.
A day trip to Cornwall may sound normal to some people, but not when you travel 4 and a half hours from Birmingham to spend only a day in the seaside town of Padstow but, that's what the Murphy family does…now this isn't a normal thing and some how I doubt we'll be doing it again anytime soon but a few weeks ago my brother had an trial shift at an Nathan Outlaw restaurant, just completing his time in college he's now a qualified professional chef, so given the chance to potentially work for a pro chef he jumped at the chance and well I've been wanting to spend the day at the beach for a while now and obviously had to go to keep Momma Smurph company throughout the day!

We started our day at 3 in the morning, setting out at 4…from the moment we headed on the motorway I regretted not bringing my pillow so I could sleep but instead I ate chocolate and kept Momma Smurphy company while she drove. Fortunately due to no sleep, I got some beautiful photographs of the sunset and a rainbow and drove over the Bristol bridge before it got anything close to busy. Once We'd arrived and dropped Brother Smurph off at his trial, the weather was pretty miserable which in result made us miserable. Myself and Momma Smurph needed to spend the next 6+ hours keeping ourselves company and when we planned to spend the day at the beach and eating ice cream for that short time the day felt a little ruined. Heading into a cute little cafe for a cuppa before heading over the ferry to Padstow, when the weather started to pick up I was certainly glad as I'd only popped a small jacket in the car and typically of me decided to wear a dress that day!

Camera in hand, sunglasses on and dress blowing everywhere we began to explore the town, a town we'd spent time at when I was younger and I was honestly so excited to see a place I'd seen as a child, kind of made me miss family holidays to Cornwall, Wales & Devon. Holidays I used to go on with my nan, aunty, mom and brother. After spending the day sat at the beach, we finished out day by meeting up with Brother Smurph and headed to Rick Stein's fish & chip restaurant, which was amazing…just like any other chippy but just that little bit better. To end the day I treated the three of us to ice creams before travelling back home. The perfect day out really, so much fun.
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