Wednesday, 22 October 2014

HC LuxSpa - Selfridges Birmingham.

HCLux Spa - Nail Treatment* 

Treatments between £15-£45. 

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Laura to be involved in reviewing the new HCLux Spa in Selfridges, Birmingham..this meant my poorly treated nails were given a little pampering, and I've mentally been writing this post since the moment I arrived. Now I must admit my nails are my best feature, I'm a nail biter and can't keep varnish on them for more than a few days and recently starting a bar job means my hands and nails have been in terrible condition and haven't been looked everything for a while. So this gave me the perfect opportunity to have a little treatment, try and stop my bad habits and hopefully help them become healthy (I'll try and keep you posted).
I was first arranged to have my nails done a few weeks ago but fell ill, thankfully Laura and the girls were more than understanding and allowed me to rearrange my appointment, so thanks girls! Thankfully by this week I was feeling much better and available…and conveniently the day before my graduation, so what better time to go and pamper than before an exciting event.
Once I'd arrived and the treatment started I was told I was going to being given a variety of all treatment, I'd also chosen to have gel nails as I'd not had them done before, I then chose the colour FAB, a plum, deep red colour…perfect for the coming autumn/winter weather.

As I said my nails haven't always been the feature I concentrate on, I wasn't too sure how healthy or damaged they were…turns out they weren't too bad! Although they weren't the worst they could be the girl, Lauren who did my nails, started with moisturising my hands and tidying up my nails before any treatments started. She first started with the Salt of the Earth Aroma salts, mixed with some warm water was to help my nails. She then began the IBX treatment, which was explained to me is to help strengthen my nails and heal them, which I felt they needed. This took around 10 minutes with a few coats of both pots. Before moving on for a little massage with the Salt of the Earth Creamy scrub & Body creme, which all smelt amazing and was sending me into a relaxed sleep. I was also told they were the only spa in the UK to use these products, which made me feel special and also more desperate for it to become more available so I could get my hands on them. Honestly the scent was amazing, somehow reminded more of a familiar scent and I spent 45 minutes having flashbacks of my life a few years ago.
Once all my treatments were finished my manicure was almost over and it was time for my colour to be put on, as I mentioned I chose the colour FAB, this and the gel nail polishes were all part of Artistic collection, and the colour range was amazing, I was spoilt for choice. I've now had my varnish on for a few days now, going strong for a nail picker/biter like me, however should stay on my nails for 2-3 weeks. My hands still feeling amazingly soft after the treatments and massage, and I'm still in love with the Salt of the Earth salts, scrub and cremes I just want them in my own beauty collection to use on a daily basis. Overall I'm extremely impressed with whats on offer for such a small section of Selfridges.

If at any point you fancy a little nail treatment and manicure, you can find the girls at HCLux Spa on the third floor of Selfridges Birmingham, as part of the beauty hall. Which you can pop by and get an appointment sorted for the exact same day. With so many colours to choose from, a variety of manicures and different nail treatments available for everyone. I'm in love with what Lauren did with my nails, super impressed with the time and effort that went into getting my nails done and getting to know more about treatments and how they help my nails. 
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Sunday, 12 October 2014

#100HappyDays - Days 41-50.

Another 100 Happy Days posts and as always a little late. Slowly but surely I'm getting through this project, half way through as of this post. This has taken little over a month to get this written up, as I've been busy with so many different things…and I've had no chance to properly sit and write. 

//forty-one// Quick little selfie before a busy day ahead. I'd combined two patterned clothing which, I did purely for wearing the dress & the cardigan for comfort but I actually kind of like it. I bought the dress months ago and I'm yet to wear it out the house…but this day I was having a makeup free day, embraced the bed head and did the final few things before opening my online store, little love

//forty-two// Throwback Tuesday (or thursday) was dedicated to this baby faced photo of me and Tom (the boyfriend). This was only from a few years ago, but it's crazy to think how little we knew each other back then and how much we've (well more me) changed since my 19th birthday. It's also crazy to think that in a few months time we'll be celebrating our 22nd birthday's together. 

//forty-three// That online store I mentioned, little love, well this photo was my advertising on the day I kind of made everything live. Selling items of handmade costume jewellery and tie-dye tshirts, both things I've enjoyed creating over the last few years and I've finally bit the bullet to sell them to others. You can read all about the shop, here, and see the shop, here.  

//forty-four// good hair and makeup days are just, perfect! But this was also a wednesday spent with Tom and they always make me happy. I always love our date days…though as we're both busy lately we haven't spent a wednesday together possible since this date, ow! 

//forty-five// (although not in the photo…) 45 involved a throwback post to a little video clip to last October when I saw 30 seconds to mars in Birmingham, not even kidding it was one of my favourite nights. With my best friend, around so many other fans watching the beauty of Jared Leto, the rest of 30 seconds to mars and the You me at six boys too, so so perfect! You can watch my instavideo, here.

//forty-six// Has anyone ever tried sharing a single bed with someone else?…That's easier to do than share with this sleepy thing. My dog looks adorable in his sleeping state, especially when sleeping in my bed but the boy doesn't budge over. Finds himself asleep in the middle of my bed, meaning I can have a pretty sleepless night sometimes. But he's so cute I can't resist. 

//forty-seven// Tom has recently started a college course, something he's been looking into for a few years now. Last month was his enrolment day, with the college he now attend being my old college I jumped at the chance to go back and see everything old and new. While it was still warm at this point, I was treated to an ice drink from the new Starbucks, which apparently is his favourite part of the college! 

//forty-eight// I'm beginning to become a little piercing obsessed, in the last two years once I've saved enough money and fallen in love with my next piercing, I've gone and had something done…while at the moment my piercings are in my ears & my nose, I still get exciting at the thought of my next one. I went with my cousin who was visiting us from Cornwall, and with the shop in town having an offer on that day, well I couldn't say no and said hello to my daith heart! It's still in it's healing process but it didn't and doesn't hurt, which is always a bonus for me!…but now, what's next any suggestions? 

//forty-nine// It was papa smurph's birthday at the beginning of September, and on the day I came across this photo of myself, him and my younger brother. One of my favourite photos of the three of us, and pretty hilarious of me and brother smurph I must admit! We had a lovely day spent together, brother smurph, myself and Tom made my dad a sponge cake and we tucked into takeaways with Tom, my family and grandparents included, so nice! 

//fifty// The half way mark of this project, yipee! On day 50 I was having a lazy day, but of course I felt  creative, so I dug out all my paints, pens and everything else I own for these kinds of days and started working on my wreck this journal. My head fills with ideas yet I never have the items to complete them! I wanted to finish this within a year, with 3 months left until my year is up and it's nowhere near completed! 

I'm past the half way mark of this project, and it's nice to be able to look back at photos and have these little snippets of memories behind them and the reasons I felt the way I did in that time/moment. 
Have you done this challenge? Are you thinking about starting it…because I think you should! 
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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Wednesday Wishlist #8; Bedroom Accessories.

Wednesday Wish list #8; Bedroom Accessories. 

It's finally time I decorate my bedroom, I'm always on the want for a new bedroom and it's finally time I do that. My bedroom was last decorated 5 years ago, and I've felt it's time to a little make-over, and I'm literally giddy with excitement, I've spent the last two days searching online for new pieces around my room…I have the furniture in my basket and I'm ready to click purchase, but I thought I'd share these pieces with you first. (If you'd like to see what I'll be buying for my bedroom furniture, let me know).
Although my room isn't the smallest in my house, it fills up pretty quickly! I'm finally getting a double bed, which means even less bedroom space. So I've been looking at little bedroom storage, to pop all around my bedroom for easy access to the little things that always make their way to my bedroom. And I'm just a big lover for all these adorable things, my bedroom would be filled with them now if I had the space. 
Just a glimpse at some of the pieces I hope to purchase in the next few weeks and some ideas for anyone else thinking of redecorating or a re-vamp! And if you know of more store for me to have a look in for home ware, please let me know!
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Saturday, 4 October 2014

#LushChristmas Launch Event.

#Lush Christmas Launch Event, Solihull.

Thursday night was only my second blogger event and thanks to Becky I was invited to see the launch of the Lush Halloween and Christmas products, while I failed to pick up anything Halloween appropriate I did treat myself to possibly too many Christmas items. It's been no secret that I'm new to Lush and it's no secret since my first purchase this year I've been in love ever since! So this year sees the first time I'll be testing out the Christmas range, while everyone was excited to see their favourite seasonal products I was just excited to see what they had…and me being me went a little crazy with my spends, though I'm not complaining today as I smell AMAZING!

I wasn't too sure about who was attending and arranging to meet with Sam (who I'd met previously). We met in Birmingham town centre before catching a train to Solihull, we spent a short while looking at the stores before fast deciding we needed food, so we choose handmade burger & co. A place I'd not been too before and I'm shocked that I hadn't as the food was pretty amazing! It's well known between family and friends about my fussy eating habits and my love for a cheese burger, so obviously, I couldn't resist...I'm also the biggest lover of chips too, so myself and Sam shared a bowl and I was in heaven! We did a little more browsing for an hour before heading over to the store, as we were early we spent a few minutes outside where we began to meet up with a few more girls, some familiar faces others new to me (I should probably take this time to apologise for not talking to everyone, I'm a little nervous sometimes). Once we were inside the ladies and lads of the Lush store introduced themselves and gave us a little idea of the evening before letting us loose on the products. 
I told practically everybody that this was the first year I'd be indulging in the lush Christmas products and one of the biggest reason I was so excited for the night...every person I spoke to helped me out and I certainly didn't leave empty handed. 
I first spoke to Yasmin, who first helped me with some photography tips before introducing me to the soaps available, I've always noticed the big blocks of colour in the shop windows but I never really took the time to have a proper look, but after one sniff and I was in love, especially with baked Alaska and reindeer rock, which went into my basket first. - Baked Alaska being a more citrusy scent and very sweet, while Reindeer Rock was a pure scent of blackcurrant, which bought back childhood memories of drinking Ribena and my nans -.
Yasmin helped me so much over the event, so you'll hear more about her as the post goes on. 
She then suggested I went over to the girls at the shower gels, with us both being girls who's bathroom only has a shower and no bath, she told me that the shower gels and jellys were a must. I then went over to Olivia and Chelsea and told them again this was my first lush Christmas and they introduced me to all the shower gels and the shower jellys, which all smell amazing, yet none were alike and the snowman jelly just puts a bit of fun into your shower routine, so I picked up snow fairy & whoosh but I'm tempted to pick up the snowman soon! 
Once I'd been introduced to the shower products, I then moved over to find Sam at the gift sets, something I probably wouldn't purchase until closer to Christmas for friends but I wanted to see what was there and the prices, which definitely vary but filled with so many cute things and certainly sticking to themes with both products and box decoration...I was so intrigued by the colours and the cute patterns! It was at this point I gatecrashed Sams chat with Kyle while given chocolate and a drink thanks to the store manager Sophie, but me being me hit lucky with a split cup and covered myself and the floor in my drink, oops! was also this point I realised I'd been so distracted by the thought of shopping and new things to try that I'd hardly spoken to any of the girls, so for that I'm truly sorry, I was just mesmerised by everything...and yes that seems like the correct word to use! 

I did try and mix in a little more but again, of course, I got distracted and headed over to the body care products. Where I was given a massage by Cassie, she showed me the snow fairy sparkle massage bar with the first snow dust, which left my arms smelling sweet, feeling soft and very shimmery, perfect for a night out...especially christmas parties. I decided against picking these up as I already had my heart set on the snow fairy shower gel which was the same scent. Just like Yasmin, Cassie continued to help me throughout the night and even showed me a few more products which I think I'll be buying in the next few weeks. 
I was still in love with a knot wrap I'd spotted and couldn't decided whether to wait for my next pay, but after being told that they only have limit stock of Christmas ones and I thought this would be a popular so I grabbed it before everyone else...still not sure what I'll do with it yet but it's just so cute I couldn't resist. By this point I'd realised everyone else was finishing their shops and beginning to leave, which left me in a little panic, but with the last of the girls left I jumped into the queue. While paying I was then given my goody bag, which was so generous of the store and lets me try some of the products I'd been eyeing up yet decided not to purchase this time round. 
I was then second to last out of the store, hurried to find the train station to get back into Birmingham. I still had a long wait as I'd just missed a train, thankfully I saw Rachel & Hayley who I travelled back into Birmingham with. I then had a long wait until the next morning to look through my bag, as once I was in birmingham it was straight to work for me! 
As you can see from my photos, I picked up possibly one too many things…but as I said my first Lush Christmas I wasn't going home empty handed, although that was kind of my original plan! I purchased a few products and given some as part of a goody bag, these products; 

I'm going to do a more detailed post about each product, so if you're interested in any product in particular, please let me know! Literally everything I purchased fills me with excitment. 
I managed to get my hands on these the day before the release, I've left links to everything I brought and you can find the rest of the collection online, here.
I'm so grateful I got to see these products and be introduced to the Christmas range and was so happy to see the girls I speak to on twitter.  And a big thanks to Becky for the invite & Sam for keeping me company beforehand! 
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Monday, 29 September 2014

Review; Jelly Pong Pong 2-in-1 Eyeliner.

A couple of weeks ago now, my friend Ellie…who blogs, here, gave me this Jelly Pong Pong 2-in-1 eyeliner and shadow pencil as she already owned one herself. I've been loving brown shades lately, especially with my eyes, being in love with brown colours is something I didn't think would happen. I've always been very safe when it comes to my makeup shades and lately I've been itching to experiment so having a brown liner instead of black was rather exciting. The shade of this brown is a dark brown, with slight deep red and some golden tones, it looks rather shimmery too. To add to my neutral eyeshadow, having this pencil helps create a much more natural look, adding this to my lower lash line and occasionally to my upper to add more definition. It's even perfect for the days when I'm feeling too lazy to do a complete makeup look and simply using it as liner on my top lid, like I would with my black kohl eyeliner. As with those days of adding the liner to my top lid, I can also use this for an eyeshadow, basically adding this to my top lid and using either my finger or brush to smudge this for a more effect look or I've even used this to create more definition within the corner of my lid or within the crease, much more definition and colour. 

In the first -eye- photo, you can see the effect from just applying the liner to my lower and the corner of my inner upper lid. As I mentioned a few ways I wear the pencil, I wanted to share that look with you. But while writing this I was actually getting ready for work, so this was a little experimentation with my makeup and photos as I went along…this wasn't the completed look as I was yet to apply my lipstick. As you can also see from the last -eye- photo, I used this pencil in a few ways to create more definition. As I mentioned in the start of the post, the areas where I apply this pencil I used all ways for this complete look. I started with the lower lid, but also added black liner on top which I think helps create colour within the lower lid but the black add just that little bit extra for my definition. 
I then on my upper lid added a little liner to the corner of my eye, and then continued with the pencil along my crease, which I then blended in with my eyeshadow. 
To finish my eyes I used my brand new Benefit They're Real mascara, and I know I'm late to the bandwagon but my purse has never really been able to justify the purchase until now…but I'm waiting on another benefit purchase before I share my thoughts with you all. 

I realise this post went from a review to a makeup look, but even though it's now photo heavy I hope you can see how well the liner/shadow works. 
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Sunday, 28 September 2014

| Review; Garnier Micellar Water |

Garnier Micellar Water Review. 

This post has been such a long time coming, it's been sat in my drafts for what seems like forever, bad blogging on my part *slaps hand*. 
I think if it wasn't for ready blogs I'd never been interested in making a purchase of this Micellar water, but I'm so glad I did, a little late on the bandwagon like every other time but I brought this possibly two months ago now and I've not stopped using it since. 

Up until I made this purchase I was the kind of girl who used makeup wipes to remove my makeup at the end of the day, which until this year I didn't know what such a bad thing to do! This was on offer in ASDA at the time for £5, so I popped it into my basket. Although since I've found in places so much cheaper, ranging between £2-£5. Like I said possibly two months since making this purchase and I'm only a quarter through the bottle, which shocked me!? Just a small amount needs to go on a cotton pad, and it removes my days makeup, dependent on how much product I have on my eyes sometimes I may a little more but my face feels so clear after using this. Even helped clear my spots, where as when I normally use products on my face they tend to leave me with breakouts. 

Overall I'm really happy with this product and I'll probably continue to use this for a while, I won't lie to you though I still have makeup wipes handy for the days I'm feeling just too lazy. 

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