Thursday, 30 October 2014

#FABBBirmingham Event; Sunday 26th October.

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 photo BLOGGERGIRLS.jpg#FabbBirmingham Event; 26th October.

This weekend I got to meet some new people, with familiar faces...though at first I wasn't 100% sure about attending this event I was encouraged by my twin in the blogging world Sian to get my ticket and meet her and a few others. I've been speaking to these girls for months now and I couldn't resist when I knew they were attending, I also got to meet two girls who I'd only recently started speaking too, but boy was I glad I did...let's say I've met some blogging friends I'll continue speaking to for a while. I panicked like crazy while waiting to meet them, but thankfully Sian, Charlotte, Hannah and Francesca were amazing to me, and although each of us admitted to struggling to get along with girls, we instantly hit it off and I can already tell I've made some great friendships.
So Sunday 26th October, FabbEvents we're hosting an event in Birmingham, the town (or I should call city, for those who aren't from the area) I grew up in and knew very well. Fabb Events are known for not telling us girls what'll be happening on the day, when normally that would put me into complete panic, incase they made me play games (and I HATE party games) but I wasn't nervous but instead excited...and to my relief they didn't make me play any games! I met up with my beautiful blogger friends, and we headed towards the Custard Factory to a little place called Alfies Bird. I've always planned to but never headed in the Custard Factory direction so I was very excited, and the place was so beautiful, my kind of cafe/bar/whatever you'd call it! We were a little early and told to wait downstairs, and we knew we were in the right place as it was filled with other beautiful girls!
Once 1:30pm struck, we were allowed to venture upstairs, where we were greeted by Ray & Tor, given our wristband, and a bag filled with goodies! Then continued venturing two flights of stairs to find two floors filled with different brands, where we got to chat, get to know and given goodie bags for each brand, honestly I can't thank them enough for the things I received and I will be posting future posts of the things I've already fallen in love with. I spent most of my time talking with the creators of BeeGood, fallen completely in love with their I can't wait to get my hands on more products and make my purchases after payday!
Just like my previous event, at Lush...I got so distracted and went off in my own little world, thankfully this time Hannah kept me company, while the other girls wondered ahead before having to stop to wait for us, oops!
We got the chance to meet and speak with people from brands such as; Bee Good, Bodhi & Birch, Anovia, Stage Line Professional & Mistair Makeup, MeMeMe, and a few others...and generously given goodie bags, to take home and test the products. And as I've already said I know I'll be making purchases with some of these brands soon.

Thankfully, even after only a few hours sleep (I had work the night before), I met up with the girls who I'd been eager to meet for a while now, and girls I still can't get over the fact I got to meet you all and can't wait for shopping trips in the future, pretty please?
Although not exactly what I was originally expecting the Fabb Event was a great day, in a beautiful setting with some gorgeous girls, and with some great things to take I suggest if you have a Fabb Event happening anywhere near you soon, grab your ticket and go along, you won't be disappointed, promise!
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Monday, 27 October 2014

E.L.F Little Black Beauty Book; Warm Edition.

 photo IMG_4845.jpg photo IMG_4846.jpgE.L.F Little Black BeautyBook: Warm Edition. 

How adorable is this little palette? 
I've not purchased from e.l.f before, I'd seen them online and so many bloggers and youtubers mention their products but I'd not really noticed the fuss until a few months ago. I was on the hunt for some new makeup, had all my tabs open and e.l.f was one of my pages, after 5 minutes my basket was already filled...though sadly I didn't have the money, instead kept note of what I wanted for a later date (which may be soon). 
Now I'm a girl who loves to swatch, it's like taking note of something for the future so the fact e.l.f only seems to have one store (in Cardiff) I can't go and test, so when I was told T.K.Maxx stocked some products I practically ran to the store. Honestly I'm a little gutted that I couldn't find much more, but this palette was on the shelves (available in both warm and cool shade editions), both only for £3.99. 
 photo IMG_4847.jpg
 photo IMG_4848.jpg
I picked up the warm edition as the colours were softer and brown tones...and as we're entering the colder months I was a little unsure how I'd use the bright colours in the cool edition. And honestly was a good decision on my part, I think anyway! You can see the variety of colours and tones, and I love how theres a few brighter colours too (which is actually part of the reason for making this purchase), because of all these options of colour I've been using this non-stop to see how many combinations I can create for my subtle smokey eye which I'm loving right now, so far so good I must admit. I've been a fan of brown and rose gold colours and this fits the bill, you can already see the colours I'm loving the most!? 
Though at first I was disappointed with the size of the product (as it came in bigger packaging), I've come to accept how this being small is extremely handy for my makeup bag and perfect for travelling! It also come with a handy mirror which seems the perfect size too. I'm totally in love with this product and I'm already using this most of the time and combining colours from other palettes. I can't wait to purchase more from e.l.f, though I do need to save a little more before what I feel will be a splurge, the great thing about this company though is it's actually so affordable. So if you haven't already I'd check out the website and soon enough you'll have a big wish-list like mine. Or if you've already purchased from here...what do you suggest? 
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Saturday, 25 October 2014


This week, tuesday 21st October at 3:30pm to be exact was my graduation day. My three years were tough for me, times when I almost quit and felt extremely lonely with my decision, especially when everyone wanted me to continue. I'd never planned to go to university and sometimes my urges to quit were more empowered by that original plan, but now I can happily sit back, relax and realise that I managed those three years, and graduated with a BA Joint Honours Degree in Media and Communications and Counselling Skills (weird combination, I know) and it's actually really rewarding. 
Throughout my time I had my ups and downs at university, so many struggles and plenty of tears in the middle of the library and it wasn't till a month ago I actually found out I was finally graduating, so  it's exciting to finally see the back of my degree...though my certificate and photos will take pride of place somewhere at home.
The day didn't exactly go to plan, everyone was stressed (me and my family and big events don't mix well), my hair was a mess and I think I look like a gorm in all photos, I'd been practicing my smile all week as well! Once the ceremony started I sat between two girls wearing flats while I was in 5/6inch heels, safe to say that set panic in for the 'don't trip' horror thought of the day. But I managed to not trip and even looked up rather than at my feet while walking across the stage, though I had a giggle to myself while I calmed my nerves haha.
We ended the day with a meal at All-Bar-One in the Birmingham, while I enjoyed a (very tasty) cocktail and fish and chips (and the way they were presented really impressed me) before I left my family to meet some friends for a few drinks, while the celebrations didn't continue till early hours of the morning I still enjoyed spending time with people I probably won't for a while.

Though a few hiccups on the way, looking back I'm still so happy with the day and how I managed to finally complete my three years, so yipee to that, though sadly I didn't get to throw the cap in the air.
...if anyones recently graduated and interested, I created a limited amount of graduation bracelets over on my etsy page, obviously a simple little well done present for yourself or friends/family, take a look here.
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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

HC LuxSpa - Selfridges Birmingham.

HCLux Spa - Nail Treatment* 

Treatments between £15-£45. 

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Laura to be involved in reviewing the new HC LuxSpa in Selfridges, Birmingham..this meant my poorly treated nails were given a little pampering, and I've mentally been writing this post since the moment I arrived. Now I must admit my nails are my best feature, I'm a nail biter and can't keep varnish on them for more than a few days and recently starting a bar job means my hands and nails have been in terrible condition and haven't been looked everything for a while. So this gave me the perfect opportunity to have a little treatment, try and stop my bad habits and hopefully help them become healthy (I'll try and keep you posted).
I was first arranged to have my nails done a few weeks ago but fell ill, thankfully Laura and the girls were more than understanding and allowed me to rearrange my appointment, so thanks girls! Thankfully by this week I was feeling much better and available…and conveniently the day before my graduation, so what better time to go and pamper than before an exciting event.
Once I'd arrived and the treatment started I was told I was going to being given a variety of all treatment, I'd also chosen to have gel nails as I'd not had them done before, I then chose the colour FAB, a plum, deep red colour…perfect for the coming autumn/winter weather.

As I said my nails haven't always been the feature I concentrate on, I wasn't too sure how healthy or damaged they were…turns out they weren't too bad! Although they weren't the worst they could be the girl, Lauren who did my nails, started with moisturising my hands and tidying up my nails before any treatments started. She first started with the Salt of the Earth AROMASALTS, mixed with some warm water was to help my nails. She then began the IBX treatment, which was explained to me is to help strengthen my nails and heal them, which I felt they needed. This took around 10 minutes with a few coats of both pots. Before moving on for a little massage with the Salt of the Earth Creamy scrub & Body creme, which all smelt amazing and was sending me into a relaxed sleep. I was also told they were the only spa in the UK to use these products, which made me feel special and also more desperate for it to become more available so I could get my hands on them. Honestly the scent was amazing, somehow reminded more of a familiar scent and I spent 45 minutes having flashbacks of my life a few years ago.
Once all my treatments were finished my manicure was almost over and it was time for my colour to be put on, as I mentioned I chose the colour FAB, this and the gel nail polishes were all part of Artistic collection, and the colour range was amazing, I was spoilt for choice. I've now had my varnish on for a few days now, going strong for a nail picker/biter like me, however should stay on my nails for 2-3 weeks. My hands still feeling amazingly soft after the treatments and massage, and I'm still in love with the Salt of the Earth salts, scrub and cremes I just want them in my own beauty collection to use on a daily basis. Overall I'm extremely impressed with whats on offer for such a small section of Selfridges.

If at any point you fancy a little nail treatment and manicure, you can find the girls at HC LuxSpa on the third floor of Selfridges Birmingham, as part of the beauty hall. Which you can pop by and get an appointment sorted for the exact same day. With so many colours to choose from, a variety of manicures and different nail treatments available for everyone. I'm in love with what Lauren did with my nails, super impressed with the time and effort that went into getting my nails done and getting to know more about treatments and how they help my nails. 
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Sunday, 12 October 2014

#100HappyDays - Days 41-50.

Another 100 Happy Days posts and as always a little late. Slowly but surely I'm getting through this project, half way through as of this post. This has taken little over a month to get this written up, as I've been busy with so many different things…and I've had no chance to properly sit and write. 

//forty-one// Quick little selfie before a busy day ahead. I'd combined two patterned clothing which, I did purely for wearing the dress & the cardigan for comfort but I actually kind of like it. I bought the dress months ago and I'm yet to wear it out the house…but this day I was having a makeup free day, embraced the bed head and did the final few things before opening my online store, little love

//forty-two// Throwback Tuesday (or thursday) was dedicated to this baby faced photo of me and Tom (the boyfriend). This was only from a few years ago, but it's crazy to think how little we knew each other back then and how much we've (well more me) changed since my 19th birthday. It's also crazy to think that in a few months time we'll be celebrating our 22nd birthday's together. 

//forty-three// That online store I mentioned, little love, well this photo was my advertising on the day I kind of made everything live. Selling items of handmade costume jewellery and tie-dye tshirts, both things I've enjoyed creating over the last few years and I've finally bit the bullet to sell them to others. You can read all about the shop, here, and see the shop, here.  

//forty-four// good hair and makeup days are just, perfect! But this was also a wednesday spent with Tom and they always make me happy. I always love our date days…though as we're both busy lately we haven't spent a wednesday together possible since this date, ow! 

//forty-five// (although not in the photo…) 45 involved a throwback post to a little video clip to last October when I saw 30 seconds to mars in Birmingham, not even kidding it was one of my favourite nights. With my best friend, around so many other fans watching the beauty of Jared Leto, the rest of 30 seconds to mars and the You me at six boys too, so so perfect! You can watch my instavideo, here.

//forty-six// Has anyone ever tried sharing a single bed with someone else?…That's easier to do than share with this sleepy thing. My dog looks adorable in his sleeping state, especially when sleeping in my bed but the boy doesn't budge over. Finds himself asleep in the middle of my bed, meaning I can have a pretty sleepless night sometimes. But he's so cute I can't resist. 

//forty-seven// Tom has recently started a college course, something he's been looking into for a few years now. Last month was his enrolment day, with the college he now attend being my old college I jumped at the chance to go back and see everything old and new. While it was still warm at this point, I was treated to an ice drink from the new Starbucks, which apparently is his favourite part of the college! 

//forty-eight// I'm beginning to become a little piercing obsessed, in the last two years once I've saved enough money and fallen in love with my next piercing, I've gone and had something done…while at the moment my piercings are in my ears & my nose, I still get exciting at the thought of my next one. I went with my cousin who was visiting us from Cornwall, and with the shop in town having an offer on that day, well I couldn't say no and said hello to my daith heart! It's still in it's healing process but it didn't and doesn't hurt, which is always a bonus for me!…but now, what's next any suggestions? 

//forty-nine// It was papa smurph's birthday at the beginning of September, and on the day I came across this photo of myself, him and my younger brother. One of my favourite photos of the three of us, and pretty hilarious of me and brother smurph I must admit! We had a lovely day spent together, brother smurph, myself and Tom made my dad a sponge cake and we tucked into takeaways with Tom, my family and grandparents included, so nice! 

//fifty// The half way mark of this project, yipee! On day 50 I was having a lazy day, but of course I felt  creative, so I dug out all my paints, pens and everything else I own for these kinds of days and started working on my wreck this journal. My head fills with ideas yet I never have the items to complete them! I wanted to finish this within a year, with 3 months left until my year is up and it's nowhere near completed! 

I'm past the half way mark of this project, and it's nice to be able to look back at photos and have these little snippets of memories behind them and the reasons I felt the way I did in that time/moment. 
Have you done this challenge? Are you thinking about starting it…because I think you should! 
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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Wednesday Wishlist #8; Bedroom Accessories.

Wednesday Wish list #8; Bedroom Accessories. 

It's finally time I decorate my bedroom, I'm always on the want for a new bedroom and it's finally time I do that. My bedroom was last decorated 5 years ago, and I've felt it's time to a little make-over, and I'm literally giddy with excitement, I've spent the last two days searching online for new pieces around my room…I have the furniture in my basket and I'm ready to click purchase, but I thought I'd share these pieces with you first. (If you'd like to see what I'll be buying for my bedroom furniture, let me know).
Although my room isn't the smallest in my house, it fills up pretty quickly! I'm finally getting a double bed, which means even less bedroom space. So I've been looking at little bedroom storage, to pop all around my bedroom for easy access to the little things that always make their way to my bedroom. And I'm just a big lover for all these adorable things, my bedroom would be filled with them now if I had the space. 
Just a glimpse at some of the pieces I hope to purchase in the next few weeks and some ideas for anyone else thinking of redecorating or a re-vamp! And if you know of more store for me to have a look in for home ware, please let me know!
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