Wednesday, 26 November 2014

MAC; Flat Out Fabulous

 photo FlatOutFabulous-box.jpg
 photo FlatOutFabulous.jpg
 photo Flatoutfabulous-lips-1.jpg

MAC; Flat Out Fabulous

I'm sure you can all agree that sometimes you just pick up products for the sake of having them?...I mean, come on, I can't be alone here! Well, I don't tend to do this often when it comes to the high end brands, normally I justify the high street brands much easier.Not long ago I wrote about Russian Red, here. Obviously the colours are completely different, while Russian red was a purchase for my graduation, this was my 'treat'. A to me, from me, kind of purchase, a well done for lasting out my 3 years at university and I still don't feel guilty for the purchase, I deserved it!...Yep, okay I do feel a little guilty, but totally justifiable!
When doing my final blog review research before clicking buy, I was worried I wasn't going to love the colour when it arrived or if it would be too drying like a few people had said. While I'm still struggling to find the reason to wear this everyday, this bright pink, purple toned lipstick is perfect for the days I'm feeling adventurous. I kind of make this the main feature of my makeup when wearing this, which means minimal on the eyes or some times (a large) amount of eyeliner, winged as best as I can. I know not everyone can combine a face of makeup with both an eyeshadow and bold lip combo and I know I'm one of those people, so keeping it simple with such a bold colour like this works well for me.
I'm in love with this colour and so glad I added such a bold one to my collection, the colours lasting power is strong and stays on my lips for more than a few hours, and although others have complained of how drying it can be and while it's drying in comparison to other mattes I've used, it's not completely drying that my lips feel attacked or that I don't want to use the product again. Ekk, actually writing this review has got me excited to wear this little thing maybe for work over the next few days. 

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Monday, 24 November 2014

I ♡ Makeup; Definition

 photo IHEARTMAKEUP-Definition.jpg photo IHEARTMAKEUP-3blushes.jpg
 photo Ilt3Makeup-swatches.jpg

 Makeup; Definition

Last week I was in the middle of tormenting myself in superdrug, I convinced myself I was allowed to treat myself to a couple of things...every so often I find myself eyeing up the Sleek section, wanting to purchase everything that everyone else seems to be in love with, sadly the store had no testers and I couldn't get inside any of the boxes to look at the colours. But once I spotted I heart makeup, selling something practically identical and for half the price I popped it in my basket and walked straight to the check out.
The fair palette comes with bronzer, blush and highlighter...a product I've been trying to teach myself to use for ages now! This handy little product means that I can get used to this makeup technique and it hasn't broken the bank if I don't get the hang of it. Although so far, so good! The bronzer isn't always my best friend and I'm worried about using too much blush incase I look like a clown, I'm still attempting this product, but the highlight well I think I've got the hang of that now, well I hope anyway!

This palette comes in both fair and dark toned colours...though not much difficult between colouring. I opted for the fair for two reasons, my skin is a lot paler than I ever thought and if I went darker these colours would be way too visible on my skin. The highlighter is a white and slightly pink tone colour with shimmer, very similar in colouring the the highlighter you can buy individually from Makeup Revolution. The blush is a deep toned pink, not too light but not too dark with next to no shimmer too! And the bronzer red/brown tones, perfect for my skin tone...sadly I just can't quiet get it to look right on my cheeks just yet! As I said I'm still new to using this little set but I'm really loving the chance to try it and if it end up in the back of my makeup collection but I just couldn't get my makeup looking right, I won't be too disheartened...I love Makeup Revolution & I <3 Makeup, for the quality and price of there products, which with this is exactly what I got. 

Am I the only person who's still learning to using bronzer, blush and highlighter or am I a little behind with my makeup? 

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Sunday, 23 November 2014

#100HappyDays 61-70

 photo 100happydays61-70.jpg

Sundays on my blog are now going to be known for my lifestyle posts, dedicated to catching you up with all things 'sarah'...So yet another 100 Happy Days, these feel like they've been going on forever!? 

//sixty-one// Back at the beginning of October I attended the launch of the christmas range at Lush in Solihull and ever since I've been in love, but I've posted so many posts about it since (so I won't bore you with that). Though I'm already in need of picking up more products and hopefully more from the christmas range. 

//sixty-two// Almost a month ago now I took the plunge to decorate my bedroom (post, here), which meant my photo wall was being stripped down. Over the years I've collected so many of my favourite photos and stuck them across my bedroom, the biggest talking piece when in my bedroom was friends finding themselves of the photos, then we sat around reminiscing about the crazy things we got up too. Now photos are taken down but safely put away from the times I need to look back.

//sixty-three// After a much needed shopping trip for graduation clothing & bedroom accessories, on the walk home from the bus stop I was a little distracted by the look of the sunset...seriously nothing gets me mesmerised more than what I see in front of me when it comes to the sky and when it's something beautiful I can't help but take a picture. 

//sixty-four// I GRADUATED! I wrote all about it in a post, here...but I'm actually so proud of my self. I struggled so much with the three years but it was so nice to finally be able to forget the stress of  education and it finally be done with! 

//sixty-five// A few weeks ago, after a months of waiting myself and my friend Ellie went to see Disney on Ice. As part of my 21st birthday present I've been waiting for this since March. 100 years of Disney magic and honestly was so much fun...for two 21 year old girls we definitely don't act that way, we were possibly more excited than half the children. 

//sixty-six// As a gradation present my younger brother treated me to a Marc Jacobs gift set, after months of telling everyone how much I wanted the new Daisy Dream and everyone knowing my obsession with these scents over the last year, my brother surprised me with this gift and I'm so in love, I haven't stopped using this since! 

//sixty-seven// A little throwback post to halloween 2 years ago. While searching for outfit ideas for work this halloween I started looking back at photos, that year was so much fun and I actually missed having a fun night out for halloween instead of being out with my friends. 

//sixty-eight// a good makeup day always results in selfies, and that's all. 

//sixty nine// The day before halloween after stressing about what to wear and being a night at work, I spent the evening with Ellie and her mom making cupcakes and decorating them. 

//seventy// Around the same few days of halloween, a day with my boyfriend started with a little shopping for halloween makeup but instead ended with us hunting down the last few pumpkins and having an afternoon of carving...something he hasn't done before and well I hadn't since I was little. Sad to say I enjoyed myself more than I should and I love the little things. 

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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Makeup Revolution; mini haul

 photo LipsticksampBlushproducts.jpeg
 photo LiphugsampBlushstick.jpeg
 photo MatteRush-TheOneBlushStick.jpeg
 photo Liphugs-KeepsthePlanetSpinning.jpeg
 photo LipHugs-StillMissingMyBaby.jpeg
 photo Liphug-IAmReady.jpeg

Makeup Revolution; Mini Haul

It's official, I'm addicted to shopping and the only thing I pick up at the moment is makeup. My head tells me to stop spending and start saving, a week of not touching my card and I begin to believe it's okay to spend some money here and there. Last week I did that, I held off for 2 weeks of longing for these products before making an order, I then couldn't stop myself and then I was waiting patiently at the letter box for the next four days. I picked up three Lip hugs, which I fell in love with instantly and before I realised I was also adding The One Blush Stick...I blame the blogging world and everyones hype for them. 

The One Blush Stick, I picked up in MATTE RUSH, I'm not always the biggest fan of shimmers and having the option to choose between shimmer and matte of each shade is such a good idea. While I'm still not sure this is the right colour for me, it was the one I thought would compliment me best from the choice online. Honestly it's warming to me, just needing to add a small amount under my cheek bone and simply blend in to create the definition. The stick itself is rather thick in comparison to what I'd prefer, this sometimes means I put too much product on my skin and it looks a little over done. But the one thing that impresses me, is the lightweight effect this has on my cheeks, while clearly showing on my skin, the product doesn't feel heavy which personally I find is great!?  
The lipsticks were my main reason for making this order and I'm completely thrilled with the products. When purchasing lipsticks, the one thing I always consider is the texture of them and these were almost what I didn't want...still wearable and rather long lasting but still slightly 'lipgloss' like, which I'm not a fan of! The colours are also a little different to what I expected but just what I wanted all the same, am I making sense? (following the photo order...) I picked up KEEPS THE PLANET SPINNING, STILL MISSING MY BABY and I AM READY. While I was looking for more plum toned colours, these are much more red toned and even one being close to nude, but in the end it's what I wanted and I haven't stopped wearing them since, I got three new lipsticks to my collection and I'll be wearing them so much throughout winter. 

Theres so many more shades of these lipsticks available, some I think I'll be putting on my christmas wish list. I love adding new pieces to my makeup collection and at the price and quality of Makeup Revolution I'm going to struggle to continue saving with the amount of products I've been eyeing up lately. 
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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Current Favourites

 photo OctoberFavourites.jpg
 photo OctoberFavourites-SnowFairyampDaisyDream.jpg
 photo OctoberFavouritesWhereRainbowsEnd.jpg photo OctoberFavourite-Candle.jpg photo OctoberFavourites-Brushes.jpg photo OctoberFavourites-Brows.jpg photo OctoberFavourites-MakeupRevPalette.jpg

Current Favourites; 

Ah well hasn't it been a while since I've done a favourites post, but since the end of October and the last two week since, everyones been sharing there Monthly favourites and while I don't always feel the need to share this post, I was slightly inspired, especially since knowing I have a number of new and old favourites. Since it's almost three weeks into November now, I just don't feel right naming this 'October Favourites' so heres my current favourites instead. Obviously most are beauty products but a few other pieces managed to sneak in while I was preparing this post.  

Snow Fairy; Did you read my Lush Christmas launch post (here), well you'll know that this is the first time I've purchased products from Lush around christmas time and the product I fell in love at first sight with was Snow Fairy. Being bright pink it doesn't really shout 'christmas' but the smell, well it kind of does, such a sweet scent and I love sweet scents! I haven't stopped using it since. 

Daisy Dream; Another thing I haven't shut up about this month has been my graduation, I'm proud of myself okay? Well as a well done, my little (19 year old) brother went shopping and surprised me with Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream, I honestly almost cried...but being me played it cool! I've been in love with these since the release and because I never shut up about it, he went and got it me...obviously I worn it on the day of my graduation and been wearing it almost every day since! 

Where Rainbows End; Ahhh, have you seen the trailers for the film Love, Rosie!? Well, turns out I'd been ignoring  the trailers for a while until I realised it was based around this book! Last summer, I found this book in a charity shop, picking it up for less than £2 and I didn't put it down until the last page...I fell in love. A story of best friends, and their relationship from childhood to adulthood, I adored it so much, and I can't wait to reread it now the films out and watch the film too! 

Apple Cinnamon Candle; My latest obsession has become candles, it's probably the fact were entering the colder months and I always like the smell of a good autumnal/christmas candle. I got this candle from Home Bargains for only £2.99...I brought one last year and again this year, a long lasting candle, smells amazing and an incredible size for the price! I definitely recommend...oh and they have so many others to choose from too! 

Nanshy (Blending Brush); Not long ago now I was sent this Nanshy brush and reviewed it (here) and I've kind of been in love ever since...Almost every other post of mine I talk about wanting to get more experimental with my eyeshadow and for ages I was on the want for the perfect blending brush and this is exactly what I needed, and it's helping me get better and better with my eyeshadows, so much so I want to share some of my latest looks on my blog soon! 

Crown Brush (BK 15 Chisel Fluff); I went to the FabbEvent last weekend (here), and as part of my goodie bag was given this beautiful little brush! A little larger than the blending brush and the brush hair are a little shorter, I find this brush is perfect for adding a deeper colour within my crease and I haven't stopped using it since last weekend! 

MeMeMe Arch Angel; Again, another product from the Fabb Event, MeMeMe were ever so kind to give us all huge goodie bag filled with products from their new range...all my products will be up as a review in the next few days, until then...out of all the products given to me, this has so far been my most used. Arch angel comes with two ends, a highlighter cream and the brow gel...simply highlight under the brow bone and then apply the gel to my brows.

Makeup Revolution Romantic Smoked; I have a review coming to my blog in a few days all about this palette...but near the end of the month I purchased this to use for my graduation, and I've not stopped using it since!? I'm in love with the colours, creating great combinations and perfect for this month and the next few to come!

I'm in love with all these products and can't wait to continue using them, possibly until they run out! 

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Monday, 17 November 2014

Makeup Revoultion; Hot Smoked Palette

 photo IMG_5307.jpg
 photo RomanticSmokedswatches-1.jpeg photo MakeupRevRomanticSmoked-eyes.jpg

Makeup Revoultion; Romantic Smoked Palette

Romantic Smoked - £4.
Purchased from makeup revolution yet? Need a few reasons why? Well, reasonable pricing, awesome quality, so many options and even some amazing dupes...Have you all fell head over heels for Makeup Revolution yet? Well, you should! I know I'm officially no longer a student, but my bank still seems to think so, so as much as I want to head towards the makeup counters in Selfridges I have to resist and instead head towards my local superdrug for amazing dupes for a price I can easily depart with.
If you didn't know I graduated last week, post here. And as a little treat to myself, I brought two mac lipsticks and then headed to superdrug for a new palette...12 shades for £4, well it's a no-brainer isn't it! I've been eyeing this up for a while now, and I used this as the perfect excuse.
As you can see from the swatches, palette has both shimmer and matte shades both similar to each other which I think is a great choice for anyone who likes to experiment with colours. My original reason for not picking this up months ago was because I was a little nervous of the matte shades, (they aren't always my friend) but I bit the bullet and decided it was time to experiment myself...and I'm slowly getting there!?
Obviously I'm still in love with my shimmer colours, using the shimmer side of my palette for my eyes almost every day lately, using the lighter colours for my lid and the darker shades for definition within the corner of my eye and my crease, this creates a look which I think I will continue to use throughout the next few months, maybe even testing the darker and matte shades for more of a autumal look...Something I want to share on my blog in the next few weeks, if anyone's interested?

I've been in love with makeup revolution for so long now, and I'm always looking for new products, so any products you love and suggest I'm always happy to hear about?
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