Over Night Clearing Serum: Witch Skincare

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Witch Skin Care - Overnight Clearing Serum 

Having quiet sensitive skin, I'm not always one to get along with skin care...I don't have your average skin care routine (morning or night) just because sometimes I can be lazy and other times, well the products will sometimes cause breakout rather than prevent them, I know, I know, that doesn't make much sense but it's the way my skin has been for years now! 
A few weeks ago now, I received this little package from Witch. I mean how adorable is my eye mask (which is working wonders to help me sleep btw). But I'm reviewing the serum not the mask. Once all makeup is removed and if any other products I remember to apply, normally an extra clean of my makeup with Lush toner, I then apply this overnight clearing serum. The point of this? You basically apply this serum and leave to soak into your skin while you sleep, wake up in the morning with clearer and better feeling skin...and then you can continue with your normal routine. Since using this (sometimes due to late working nights, I'll skip days) but I've noticed little change in my skin. Honestly, my skin feels refreshed thanks to this and even during application I feel great for just trying to make a difference to my skin but like most other products, sometimes this works wonders and  my skin feels great because of it and other times, like recently the serum hasn't made an effect to any current spots, though thankfully no break outs have happened as yet! 

Basically, my opinion of this product is still a little confused but that's normal for me...products like this are always up and down for me, so I wouldn't want this to be a reason to put people off. It varies on my reaction to this product but that hasn't stopped me from continuing to use this product. 

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Urban Decay Spring Launch

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Urban Decay Spring Launch / Birmingham Selfridges

I'm a little late to create this post, so apologises on that. The first of Feb (after an extremely long shift at work the night before) I'd had no sleep, gone home, changed and back out to meet up with the wonderful Sam (griff blog). Admittedly I spent most of the morning trying not to fall asleep, but I couldn't resist a Sunday afternoon with Sam, whom I've met several times now and adore. Running a little late we dashed to Selfridges to catch up with the fuss of Urban Decays spring launch. I hadn't thought about what the makeup would look like, but seriously it was all beautiful! The concealers were launching lighter shades for the more paler girls, new single eyeshadows were coming out and a wide range of new lipstick shades (all in beautiful packaging). Sadly funds were a little low to make a purchase, so some of these may make their way into my collection after my birthday next month. 

I've been looking for the perfect concealer lately, so I'd love to get my hands on one from Urban Decay, along with each shadow...It's possibly very clear by now my obsession for shadows and these were just WOW, I fell in LOVE! Not too much colour pay off but not too little it's not worth it, but thankfully it makes up for that with the amazing glitter pigment. Realiscally from the complete range I only swatched and tested the concealer, lipsticks and eyeshadows. I smelt the mascara (which has a strong alcohol scent) which slightly put me off and I just never got the chance to look at the foundation palette. As already mentioned I loved the concealer and the eyeshadow for possible later date purchases but sadly I was a little put off with the lipsticks. This is possibly due to my own preference with lipsticks and maybe not being able to test on the lips. Lipsticks are called Sheer Revoltion, and of course they're sheer instead which just isn't something I normally go for and for £14.50 I wasn't going to spend, but the colours well they're all BEAUTIFUL. 

I've linked all the products above, for you to see prices and shades available. I hope you fall in love with this range just like I did...if you already have these UD products or any others I'd love to know what's your favourite! 

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Disappointing Products

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Disappointing Products

I've had disappointing pieces in the past, many, but I've always just worked through it...threw them away if I really couldn't get along with them. But it hasn't been until recently where I've realised the amount of times I've picked up products and just hated them. Maybe to say I hate them is a little strong for all products but for some so so true. My biggest trouble lately has been my foundations, everything I've picked up lately just hasn't reacted well on my skin.

the matte effect foundation - makeup revolution
I adore this brand normally, to buy quality makeup for under £5 each time you can't really complain at any misfortune you get from a product...but back in December I picked up this foundation as I'd ran out of my last product and I needed something at an acceptable price. I've tried continuously to make this work, even using it for well over a month before getting a new product. The disappointing part? It was too watery, thin and oily, meaning it wiped off my face before I'd even put the product on and even with a primer I experienced the same problems.

focus & fix concealer - makeup revolution 
I actually still use this (mainly as I haven't brought a new one yet) but the base of this again is just a little too thin and oily. I don't feel as though I'm getting the pay off from the concealer that I need and that the product again is off my face before it's really been on. Needing any sort of coverage from a product like these is just a little difficult and sometimes not worth using.

miracle matte foundation - seventeen (original post, here)
Everyone raves about the seventeen pwoar concealer paint (which I wanted but they'd sold out) so I thought that other products in the seventeen collection would be just as loved. Admittedly I think I got this because it was on offer or just the cheapest at the time, sadly since getting the product I've just has trouble. I will accept the problems are caused possibly because of the matte effect, but you ave to buff this product as soon as you've applied it to the skin or it goes too dry...and throughout the day, well it becomes blotchy and settles into the crease of my skin, and that is not attractive in the slightest.

washed up mermaid - bleach london (original post, here)
I purchased this small bottle at half price just after christmas, got home and used this colour straight away. I wasn't expecting amazing results I knew that this was going to be a pastel green or to that effect at least. But after washing and drying the product out, I was hoping for just a little bit more coverage and instead I felt the ends of my hair just looked a little bit mouldy, ew!

papaya punch lipstick - sleek 
During the summer of 2014, I obsessed over the vibrant colours of pinks and corals...and at that time I found dupes for MAC colours at Sleek and for £5.99 I was so excited to pick them up cheaper. Turns out, I don't suit those colours and thats half the disappointing reason but also again because of it's matte effect the product was just too drying for my lips and dry lips hurt!!

divine lipstick - makeup revolution 
Like almost every makeup revolution product, for the price you can't really complain but even just £1 is a loss when you thought you were getting something good. The matte lipstick range of makeup revolution, just weren't up to the greatest standard. Extremely drying and left my lips sore even just half hour after wear.

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Iconic 2: Makeup Revolution Palette

 photo Revolution - Iconic 2.jpg
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 photo Makeup Revolution - Swatches.jpg

Makeup Revolution: Iconic 2 

I know and I'll admit that I'm extremely late on this hype, obviously not makeup revolution...but the Iconic 2 palette, while everyone is now getting their hands on the iconic pro 2, I'm just getting used to this certain iconic. Everyone in the blogging world knows now, these iconic palettes (and the PRO's included) are amazing dupes for high end products, which for the pricey value no one complains! I've been using my Iconic 3 non-stop since last summer and gradually since have picked up a variety of new palettes to try, but some how just not gotten this one until recently.
During a quick shopping trip after seeing the Urban Decays launch of their spring collection, I wanted to purchase my first NAKED palette, but funds didn't agree with me and instead I opted for a little trip to the makeup revolution stands at Superdrug instead.

I was a little daunted a first when using this (like every new makeup item) and worried I wouldn't like it or I couldn't create so many looks with this product....but in fact it's the total opposite, i've fallen in LOVE! I've been trying so many different eyeshadow looks lately which have all included a little extra colour or my own attempt at bold looks but thanks to this palette I can create such subtle and calming looks. Between the bolder looks and my simple lazy makeup days, I realise I don't have many shadow colours for the neutral days, and luckily this is exactly that -I've just started working two jobs - one of which I can get away with more extravigant looks (it's a nightclub) and the other, maybe doesn't need such bright and thick eyes, so something like this is perfect to use for those working days (at the cinema). 

I scrolled through my blog a few days ago, to realise I haven't done many makeup looks to share on my blog...so with this and knowing I have more than I should own in colours, I'd like to attempted more makeup tutorials and creations for me blog, so please leave me a little message on what you'd like to see or any suggestions (I'm thinking a simple 'here, here' kind of comment would work fine in this situation).

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| (ANTI) Valentines Day Makeup |

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 photo IMG_6796.jpg
 photo IMG_6806.jpg
 photo IMG_6804.jpg
 photo IMG_6798.jpg
 photo IMG_6807.jpg

Anti Valentines Day - Makeup. 

I like the idea of valentines day, I do...I just have no intention of celebrating it. I've been in a relationship for 3 valentines now and for the first two, we slightly celebrated but neither of us are good at the whole, expressing ourselves or public displays of affection...so we always look at bit awkward on this day of love. So this year I thought, forget it! Yes, the girl in the relationship said no to the day, but sometimes it's just over played and not really my thing, so forget the cards and presents...just get me a good takeaway and an episode of our tv series we're watching at the moment and I'll be happy as every other day. And with that, I thought I'd make a makeup look, which was a little dark and different, my anti valentines day makeup look. 
I guess this look is a little flirty, but with a darker edge. Nothing like the sickly sweet red look everyone will be wearing during the day. Most of the products used for this look were makeup revolution. Using the golden toned and almost black colours from the flawless palette, working the darker colours into my crease and a lighter golden shine in the inner corners. This was actually the first time using this palette. So I wish I'd tried a little bit more and actually gone heavier on the darker tones, purely as this would've created a much deeper smokey eye, but it's all about experimentation and I've been doing a lot of that recently. Because my shadow didn't become as dark as I think I'd hoped, I added a little liner...and of course, why not go all out and create a good old thick winged look and for once it turned out so much better than it usually does! I also didn't want to wear red, so a little deeper red was my go to shade (still missing my baby), it's times like these where I wish I owned an almost black lipstick, because that would've made a great effect! 

Something a little different for myself and my blog, sharing a look that's a little untraditional for an occasion...mainly as I hate being like the rest of the pack and like to step away from trends so instead of something obvious for this day of love, of course I did the total opposite. 
Let me know what you think and what makeup look you'll be wearing for today? 
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HAPPY TWO YEARS; Time To See The Stars.

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 photo IMG_1771.jpg

Happy 2nd Birthday Time To See The Stars: 

This date two years ago, I decided to fully commit to my blog. Posts had previously been written and quickly deleted but as of the 12th Feb 2013 I decided I really wanted to create a blog. Last year when I'd been blogging for a year, I'd only just properly got onto social networks and started to get to know other people, creating a twitter dedicated to my blog and started to chat to others...this time last year I had goals and ideas of how the next year would go, and honestly it's gone totally beyond how I ever thought. So I thought, why not make a post about what I know now compared to back then. 

1) I don't have to blog ALL the time. 
I'm not sure I did this even back then, but theres been time through the years that I've thought I NEED to constantly post, I always need to be on point with every post I create...the truth is, I don't! If I'm feeling too lazy it's okay to go a few days, weeks or months without a post, everyone will be excited once your back. 
2) Follows & Views mean NOTHING. 
Yep, honestly! My following has always been up and down, loosing followers faster than I gain them. My views just the same, and I'll tell you now I'm not sure how to change that. But the more I try, the better I'll feel at the end. I accept I loose people and views but knowing I have those readers who come back makes everything worth while
3) Having recognition is rewarding. 
Even just through a post comment or someone on twitter, just the mention that someone loved a post or I've convinced them to buy or not buy a product it kind of makes me smile! Being reminded that people like my blog or come back to read it constantly is the best thing about my blog
4) It's the BEST way to make new friends 
This I never thought possible, I speak to girls through twitter chats all the time, I constantly go back to peoples blogs and feel like I'm creating a friendship. But with that, I've actually made friends because of my blog...even girls I've been able to meet! Five girls in particular have made this last year of blogging so much more fun, so a quick little thanks to Sam, SianCharl, Frankie & Hannah...you girls are pretty AWESOME! 

I've always had a keen interest in photography and the fun I have from my blog I've collected a fair amount of photos over the last 2 years, so obviously I had to share some of my not-so attractive photos and of course two photos of the best girls I've met this year. 
I've been working on this post allllll day, I seriously have no idea what to say...but for anyone reading THANK YOU! The followers, the views, comments and every single person who's shown me support has kept this blog going. I've lost my motivation from time to time (even know) but everyone has always helped bring me back up. 
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