Wednesday, 17 December 2014

#BigBlogmasProject Day 17: Birmingham's German Market

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#BigBlogmasProject Day 17: Birmingham German Market

My favourite thing about Birmingham at christmas? ...The German market! There's just something about any christmas market that well makes you feel christmassy, and making at least one trip is always a must. 
Until I was 16 I hadn't been to the market, I didn't know what it was all about and ever since I've been at least one (well, WAY more than once) before christmas. The stalls are always pretty similar, they have the cutest candle holders, decorations, winter clothing & even toys and the food, well the food is pretty amazing! Being a picky eater, I don't tend to try out the different burgers but I always have to have one of the many desert foods. Oh and I'll always grab a hot chocolate, original or even one with jager or amaretto have become my favourites this year.
So here's just a peek at some of my favourite photos I've taken on my recently (few) trips up there this year.
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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

#BigBlogmasProject Day 16: favourite blogs.

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#BigBlogmasProject Day 16: Favourite Blogs. 

It's possible I've been waiting all month to write this post, not only because it's such a sweet post idea but I wanted to share the love of my favourite blogs and to some of the friends I've made over the last few years. Theses are just a number of my favourite blogs. And they have been for the most post of this year, I've been following these girls for a couple of months now, and some for almost 2 years/ as well as making friends with them online and even meeting a few, so this is definitely my favourite blogs for more than one reason. 

Monday, 15 December 2014

#BigBlogmasProject Day 15: Favourite Christmas Films

 photo Day15ChristmasFilms.png

#BigBlogmasProject Day 15: Christmas Films

Christmas has always been my favourite time of year, theres just something about this time of year that's had a special place for me and although I'm growing up and I feel like I'm loosing my christmas spirit, I'm still in love with everything I did when I was younger. Christmas films being top of the list...not just because of the fun or the stories of the film, but my own stories and memories around the film. 
My two favourite films are Christmas in Boston & Eve's Christmas...two films which most people have never seen or even heard of! On Sky every year they add new channel, christmas channels with mainly Hallmark tv movies and these two are usually on that channel. Christmas in Boston I love for the films story and the christmas spirit it fills me with and Eve's Christmas is amongst my favourites because the year I found this I was off school ill and myself and my dad sat and watched this film and I instantly fell in love, but once the film ended outside my window it was suddenly snowing (just like the film ended) and something about that day filled me with so much love that almost 10 years later I still love watching this film!? And the rest, well who doesn't love these films...I watched love actually for the first time in a while a few weeks back and already want to watch it again, the holiday I just absolutely adore!? Well, Home Alone and Elf, most people of my age or of similar age will have grown up with these films and love the magic of christmas that bring or the comforting feeling from their childhood, well it's how it works with me anyway!?

I'm going to have a day filled with these films and many other (possibly more hallmark) movies in the  next few days, just what I need to complete my christmas feelings this year.
Which films are your favourite? Any suggestions for others you think are a MUST watch?
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Saturday, 13 December 2014

#BigBlogmasProject Day13; Winter Lips

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#BigBlogmasProject Day 13; Winter Lips. 

My list for my love of winter is possibly ever-growing, any excuse and I'll tick it as another reason!...but the colours I can add to my lips is possibly in the top 5! The deep colours, the dark shades and the different finishes just excite me. It wasn't until the other day that I noticed the growth in my lipstick collection, and this time last year I only own 6 and now it's possibly 26, oops!?
 My first favourites were part of Gothic Glam, from collection, one a deep purple and the other a dark yet subtle red and the moment I used these I fell in love with a/w lip colours, so many reds and purples have been purchased since..even during summer.
So here's a little peek at the colours I'm loving right now and half the collection I've built up during 2014...any lip colour suggestions I'll take happily and if you're wondering what colours which, just leave a comment and I'll try and reply as soon as possible!
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Friday, 12 December 2014

#BigBlogmasProject Day 12; Christmas DIY

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#BigBlogmasProject Day 12; Christmas DIY. 

I've been wanting an excuse to share this post for possibly months now, (so a little disclaimer on my part...I took these photos during making one in the summer but made another since...just think I'm using christmas smelling candles and it's no different, okay?). Now my little excuse is out the way...I've been so obsessed with candles this year. Since decorating my bedroom all I've done is buy candles or candle holders, but they add something to my room and create a lovely smell too.